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Never Bored When Making Boards (From the Woodshop)

Yes, one of my New Year’s Goals is to post on my blog more frequently. We’ll see how this goes…

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what my partner John, whose main hobby is woodworking, has been making.

Lately he’s been making boards.

Here is John in his workshop in our basement where he made cutting boards for our home and as holiday gifts; and a “laundry machine/dryer topper” board (I made the name up but you’ll see what I mean in the photos below) in November and December:


John used a combination of scrap wood and newly purchased speciality woods/exotic lumber samples to create cutting boards in two styles: 1) 3D design (like he did in the post From the Woodshop: Tray for our Ottoman); and 2) Scrappy slices (I totally made up this name).

And here is a gallery of the lovely cutting boards he made which were quite the hit as holiday gifts to family and friends:

The 3D boards look more “3D” in person, it was difficult to capture the right camera angle to give you the full 3D effect.

He also made 3 boards for our kitchen and we’ve enjoyed using them over the past month:


In addition to the cutting boards, John also made a washing machine and dryer topper board for the laundry room. This allows us to fold and stack laundry without worrying about that mysterious sock slipping behind or in between the machines!

He used scrap wood and created a patchwork effect in honor of my quilting! He also cut holes for the washing machine hose and connections so the board would fit flush to the wall – nice job!

John is busy planning his next project.

35 thoughts on “Never Bored When Making Boards (From the Woodshop)”

  1. Wow, very cool. Moe looks so professional in his shop with his apron on. He does exceptional wood work. Love the boards and designs. ๐Ÿ™‚

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