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Soulful: A National Exhibition of African American Artists

A couple of days ago I got some cool news.

One of my early recycled silk art quilts was juried into the national Art (yes “art” not quilting, ha!) Show – “Soulful: A National Exhibition of African American Artists”. It opens February 7th and runs through February 28th at the d’Art Center in Norfolk, VA.

image credit: d’Art Center

My piece that will appear in the show is called Color Story I: Flying Triangles. It was the first recycled silk art quilt I made when I began to experiment with using recycled materials. Below is the piece and the updated Artist Statement I did for the show.


Photographed by Jeremy Koons

45 ” W x 44.5″ L, silk & linen garment scraps pieced on muslin foundation


The Color Stories series of art quilts are vibrant colored compositions, created from recycled textiles including silks, wools and linens. Many of the recycled silks and linens are from samples and remnants from NYC Fashion District couture fabrics from the 1990’s European textile houses of Ratti, Braghenti, Castellini and D’Este. 

Instead of ending up in a landfill, these couture fabric samples with their complex colors, patterns and textures inspire my textile art.

This is piece is from my first art quilt series: Color Stories. If you’d like to see the other art quilts in this series, check out my page Art Quilt Stories.


Next post I will share where I am moving or some of my plans for my next adventure in life. If you would like to take a guess, it is one of the states in the image of AAA travel books below (if you know already don’t ruin the surprise for any other readers, thanks!)


Featured image credit: d’Art Center (d-artcenter.org)


Look Look I am in a Book!

Check out Sassy’s latest post in her blog Schnauzer Snips!

I received some wonderful news the other day – two of my quilts (sections from “Flying Triangles” and “Color Change”) are going to be in a new art/quilting book: 1000 Quilting Inspirations by Sandra  Sider. It will be published by Quarry Books and is due for publication mid Dec 2014 or early January 2015. The book is already listed on the Quarry Books website and you can view it from this link 1000 Quilt Inspirations.

As a member of the Central Oregon branch of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) I was fortunate enough to be notified that this publication was looking for submissions.  I went “submission crazy” and submitted 12 pieces. I am so excited that two of my collaborative quilts (I designed and pieced, Betty Anne Guadalupe did the quilting) Flying Triangles and Color Change are going to be in a national publication.   The pieces were personally selected by the book author/editor who holds quite the impressive resume.

I received an e-mail from the publisher notifying me and requesting better photos of the quilts! When I completed my original submissions, they did not want full size quilt photos, they just wanted either small quilts up to 14″x14″ or small sections of quilts for the book. So instead of being able to use the lovely professional photos I have of these quilts, the World’s-Worse-Photographer (me) took photos of sections.  Of course they needed me to redo my photos. This time I retook them without my eyes closed! Ha!

I cannot wait until I can have a copy of the book and see my name, quilt and Betty Anne’s name as long arm quilter listed! (Oh and yes I need to start working on some new silk quilts, I have been “milking” the four I made for way too long now!)