Trip to North Carolina: The Ocean

In yesterday’s post about my recent trip to North Carolina to accompany my partner John on a business trip (Trip to North Carolina: Quilt Shop Wander), I mentioned how happy I was to have fresh seafood because we are “landlocked” in Colorado.

Well in addition to seafood fresh from the ocean, I was so happy to be back at the ocean!

Wilmington, NC is right on the Atlantic ocean and I spent a lot of time wandering along Wrightsville Beach either with my partner or alone (while poor John had to work!)

We stayed at The Blockage Runner Beach Resort, which was right on the ocean (and we had wonderful views of the ocean from our room).

image credit: Blockage Runner facebook page

Here is a view from our hotel room window:

And each morning, we woke up to some amazing sunrises! We made sure to be up early each morning and watch the “show” out our window:

I brought several handwork craft projects to work on during the trip but I got nothing done because I got distracted by this:

The Atlantic Ocean, so happy to just stand here

I spent a lot of time walking the beach. Here is very happy me (taking a bad selfie as usual) about to head out for another walk along the beach:

Even if it was a gloomy/overcast day, I still walked the beach:

I had fun one afternoon selecting seashells from all the shells washed up on the shore. I only took a little as already had some from our previous visit to Wilmington, NC.

My partner John joined me for some of the walks. On one of our walks on the beach we spent a long time just standing there watching pelicans dive for fish in the ocean. There was something so peaceful, quiet and amazing doing that, I just cannot put the experience in to proper words. Here is a little video snippet from our experience:

Pelicans diving for fish

I took a hundred additional photos but most of us have seen the ocean before (and likely more beautiful ocean vistas than the ones I had from the Atlantic Ocean in the Winter) so I will spare you from all the other photos.

I do love the mountains of Colorado, but every so often it is so wonderful to see the sea…

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