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What’s On the Design Wall: Fabric Surface Design Experimentation

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Last Thursday I took the day off from work and participated in a Fabric Surface Design Workshop (actually more like a play day!) through my local SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) chapter.  There were four workstations set up for the participants to watch demos on the following surface design techniques:

  • Fabric printing (using fabric ink and stamps)
  • Fabric painting (using special fabric paints to achieve a structured or an abstract watercolored-like designs)
  • Using decolorant to achieve unique surface designs (by removing color from different areas of a fabric in specific patterns)
  • Mono printing (one time printing using unique found items and special textile techniques)

All the techniques demonstrated were wonderful but I was most drawn to the fabric printing using fabric ink and stamps. The demo involved using manufactured stamps or designing and carving your own. After the demos were complete we had time to play with the new techniques. I ended up carving my own custom stamp with a with a special carving block and a linoleum cutter/carving tool. On SAQA member had a beautiful hand carved tree stamp I fell in love with so I tried to model my hand carved stamped after it.

Below are some photos from my play day! I have an idea already on the piece I am going to design around these printed squares…eventually…