An update to my post Progress and Fear about the 5 quilts awaiting completion:

Finally, I finished binding all 5 quilts back from the long-arm quilter! I  have listed 4 of them for sale on the tierneycreates Etsy shop.

I still need to master photographing quilts as they are much prettier in person than my photos seem to reveal.

The 5th one, the “Ugly Sunflower Fabric Quilt” I wavered on and was going to keep, then was going to sell on Etsy, and now I am completely undecided.

I might just hold onto it until the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show entry time next year to decide.

Perhaps I will put the sunflower quilt in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show as I am guessing bed size quilts are easier to sell at the show than lap size quilts (of the 5 quilts I had in the 2015 Sisters Outdoor Show, only the bed size quilt sold).

The plan is for next year’s Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, I put in 5 quilts again and Terry “The Quilting Husband” put in 5 of his quilts!

2 thoughts on “Completion!”

  1. Come on Tierney, don’t hog your wares 🙂 Put the Sunflowers up for sale, at least for a while. If it gets sold right away then you know it was the right thing. If not … you can always sneak it out of your warehouse some late night, eh?

    I’ve taken a critical look at your Etsy photos and I think they’re doing a fine job of presenting your quilts. A good mix of full shots and detail highlights, that’s just what I’d want to see. I particularly like when you flip a corner over so I can see front and back at the same time. Carry on! 🙂

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  2. Okay so Torben you totally made my day! I guess I am overly critical of my photos. I had some quilts professional photographed a couple years ago and I wish all quilt photos looked that that! Thanks for the vote of confidence!


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