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The “Basted” Quilt, Dilemma, and Temptation

Defining “Basted”

Basted? As in “basting”? If you are not into sewing, you might think I am referring the culinary process of basting (moistening food with a liquid to keep it soft, such as when making a roast). I promise you, as much as I love quilts and quilting, I have not started eating them (smile).

I am referring instead to the process of sewing down a quilt sandwich (again Tierney, what is up with the food references?) – the quilt top, the batting, and the quilt back – using large/long stitches to temporarily anchor it together. A quilt is basted to hold everything together while you add the final smaller machine (or hand) stitching.

The Dilemma

In several older posts, like Progress and Fear, I discuss dealing with a large backlog of quilts, received from the long-arm machine quilter,  that I needed sew binding on and finish. I have many of my quilts (especially the large ones) professionally quilted by a wonderful long-arm machine quilter. This is not free to have done.  Normally I can handle the reasonable fee my long-arm quilter charges.

However, “Terry the Quilting Husband” was very prolific in quilt making this past spring and summer. As a result I had a lot of new quilting turnover and expenses all at once.

My long-arm quilter, who is also a dear friend, was very sensitive to this and offered on one of my next quilts, that she would baste it on the long-arm machine for me and charge me for that service and the batting, significantly less than a full professional long-arm machine quilting. Then I could quilt it myself with my regular sewing machine without the struggle of trying to baste it on my own in a domestic machine.

A couple weeks ago I got the quilt back from the long-arm quilter, all nicely basted. In the photo below you can see the large/long basting stitches.

The Basted Quilt...
The Basted Quilt…

The Temptation

Yes. You guessed it. I am tempted to say: “This looks good, this will work, I can just put the binding on and call it good”! I have been struggling with temptation. The temptation not to quilt it myself and just have a basting as the final quilting (the quilters reading this part of the post are either gasping in horror or nodding their heads in understanding).

For the time being, I am just letting it sit in the corner and I am sure I will eventually quilt it myself.


4 thoughts on “The “Basted” Quilt, Dilemma, and Temptation”

    1. My long arm quilter told me when I told her what I was tempted to do, that she could have made the basting stitches smaller for me I was really that desperate not to work anymore on it. I am going to quilt it of course, in time.

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  1. No.
    No no no no no. That will not do at all.
    If it has to take a comment from a for’ner to point it out then let me be “that guy.”
    Dear Tierney – it’s not finished. Finish it.
    Hugs, ~

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