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Quilt Retreat Weekend: The Projects

This is post #3 about my recent 4-day quilt retreat long weekend at Sew N Go Retreat in Vancouver WA. See posts The Road to the Retreat and Sew N Go Quilt Retreat, in Pictures for more on this retreat.

Why do quilters go to quilt retreats? Yes of course to spend time with quilting friends or meeting new quilting friends. Quilters also attend retreat to relax; to see what others are working on and get new ideas; and to work on our BACKLOG of projects!

At a quilt retreat you have the opportunity to focus on getting those quilting projects D-O-N-E! (While not having to cook, clean, or even get dressed out of your PJs.)

Here is what some of the “busy bees” were working on during this year’s annual Sew N Go Retreat:

Tula Pink Would be Proud

Tula Pink is a very talented fabric designer and I had the opportunity to meet her at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 40th Anniversary celebration last summer (she is absolutely lovely in person). She has several publications but one of her most popular publication is Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks.

Tula Pink.jpg
Photo credit: amazon.com

One of my Quilt Sisters at the retreat has been working (for many months) on a sampler of all 100 blocks! Below is a photo of initial block layout on the design wall at the quilt retreat (she is still deciding the final layout):



Here are a couple of my favorite blocks on the design wall:


What patience to complete 100 blocks for a sampler!  I own this book, but I have not completed one block to date from this book (but I am now inspired to consider completing a block – ha!).

Study in Black and Gray

Another amazing quilt different Quilt Sister worked on quilt retreat weekend was a star block in black and gray flannels that had a 3-D effect due to the placement of the colors.

Here it is in progress:


Completed with the borders added (she is going to put beautiful special gray and black Minky fabric on back!):


The Mother of All Embroidery Machines

One quilter and her daughter worked on a major embroidery project with their fancy embroidery machine – an embroidered doll house for their great granddaughter/granddaughter! They had to make each panel separately and then assemble it into a house. They got 3 – 4 panels finished but unfortunately I only took a photo of one of the panels, darn!

The Machine!


One of the doll house sections (the courtyard):


Pretty amazing!

Other Wonderful Projects

I did not capture a photo of all the projects, but here are some of the other wonderful projects in progress or completed by other Quilt Sisters during quilt retreat weekend:

Tierney, Where are Your Projects?


I had good intentions. I brought 5 – 6 projects to quilt retreat including some vintage style beer label fabric coasters to work on for my tierneycreates Etsy shop. My stock of offerings in the tierneycreates Etsy shop is dwindling due to sales (which is good); due to being busy and stressed at my pay-the-bills healthcare job (and not wanting to face a sewing machine after a long day of work); and due to focusing my extra time on art quilting projects.

So I brought several projects related to items I wanted to make for the tierneycreates Etsy shop. I ended up making nine (9) sets of vintage style fabric beer coasters during the quilt retreat weekend.

What happened to those coasters? Well they never made it to the Etsy shop, all 9 sets were purchased by quilt retreat attendees and the quilt retreat owner to give as gifts or keep for their own home. I cannot complain – I made stuff and sold it at the retreat.

I call it “fleecing my friends”!

Here is a photo taken by a Quilt Sister’s husband after he got his coasters she brought back from the retreat:


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7 thoughts on “Quilt Retreat Weekend: The Projects”

  1. I have that book as well. I purchased it recently and had my local office supply store add a spiral binding so it would be easier to work with. Perhaps someday I will make a sampler quilt from it as well. It won’t include all 100 blocks though. At the moment I would much rather make improv blocks/projects. There is something relaxing about the freedom to create without all the rules.

    Congrats on the sales! Love the coasters! How do I purchase a set? I know some beer drinkers that would love them.

    Thanks for the retreat updates. Nice to be able to do it after the fact. Gives you the freedom to enjoy yourself without stressing about creating posts while you are there.

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    1. Cindy that is brilliant to put the book in spiral binding. I hope to see posts on your blog someday of your Tula Pink blocks! I want to do them someday. As all those other projects I want to do someday, ha! I have one more set available on my tierneycreates Etsy shop (with a coordinating bag to keep them in, and I am having Terry the Quilting Husband work on some more sets for the shop in the near future. https://www.etsy.com/listing/207073174/fun-vintage-style-craft-beer-coasters?ref=shop_home_feat_3 is the listing. More to come…someday (I will have “someday” tattooed on my arm…someday – ha!)

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  2. LOVE those coasters!! And yes, retreats are fun!


    On Fri, May 20, 2016 at 7:44 PM, tierneycreates wrote:

    > tierneycreates posted: “This is post #3 about my recent 4-day quilt > retreat long weekend at Sew N Go Retreat in Vancouver WA. See posts The > Road to the Retreat and Sew N Go Quilt Retreat, in Pictures for more on > this retreat. Why do quilters go to quilt retreats? Yes of course ” >

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