“I will not be discarded” & studio refresh

Do Not Discard Me!

Have you ever just randomly cracked yourself up laughing? Maybe it is a joke no one would understand but you?

Well I was cleaning up my quilt studio and rearranging it to make it more cozy and less cluttered feeling, and I found this in a corner under a table:


What is this? Well if you refer to my post, We Will Not Be Discarded’s Debut, you will see it is a leftover scrap from another quilters project (their discard, headed for the trash) that I trimmed into a triangle. It’s other “friends” became the piece We Will Not Be Discarded! (that I sold at the Twigs Gallery Show in March – April 2016).

I began laughing at this sly piece hidden away that did not make it into the art quilt. I now have to make a tiny art quilt called – I Will Not Be Discarded! – or maybe just a potholder with it. I cannot bring myself to throw it away.

Studio Refresh

I got rid of one of the tables in my studio, even though I will have to now iron and cut on the same table (I have a removable wide ironing top). It felt like the room was way too clutter.

Instead of the table, I moved a comfy old chair into the room and I can sit and watch TV in the room while sewing down binding if I like. My TV is both a computer monitor and TV (so I can also watch “Tiny House Living” videos – my secret obsession).


The table covered with the quilt in the back is the one I got rid of, and I moved the work table to the back of the room.


Minus the table that was in the back of the room; moved the worktable to the back of the room and added a comfy chair!
I can sit in a comfy chair and think about my huge backlog of projects
The dogs are really enjoying “THE AFTER”



I am headed off to the Stitchin’ Post in Sisters, Oregon this am for a day long class on appliqué.

In my post, Creative Inspiration: Stories My Father Told Me, I share how I would like to do a series of art quilts based on stories my father told me growing up. Well I want to brush up my appliqué skills (okay I want to obtain some decent appliqué skills) so that I have more options in creating these quilts which would lend themselves to appliqué.

9 thoughts on ““I will not be discarded” & studio refresh”

  1. Your sewing room looks great! You are so organized. Sure had fun with you at the retreat. I loved the little lost triangle and know you will find a home for it. Hugs to you !

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  2. I have a square like your triangle. I’d used the hide-a-bed as a design surface and one block fell to the floor. Much too heavy for me to move, and luckily I had enough pieced squares without it. Recently I had someone come to clean the floors under furniture I couldn’t move. We won’t say when I was last working on that quilt. LOL. And she retrieved it. Now to decide what to do with it.

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  3. I can relate! I have a whole basket of bits and pieces of “not quite rights” I’ve made for quilts. I swear one day I’m just going to sew them all together in one completely random quilt…it’ll probably be my best work ever. Studio looks great!

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