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Terry the Quilting Husband – Update

This update could be part of my ongoing series – What’s on the Design Wall, but it is more like “Guess Who is Hogging the Design Wall?!?!”

The answer is – Terry the Quilting Husband!

I have not posted an update in a long time on what Terry has been working on. He took a little break from quilting projects to work on house projects.

Last time I posted on his project, it was back in July in the 07/26/16 post What’s on the Design WallIn this post, Terry was working on a “stacked coins” type quilt.

If you are wondering what became of that quilt..well..it is “on hold” right now. It was not working design wise and Terry discovered some technical errors in his sewing that made the quilt “wavy” when it was assembled. Something went awry in the piece of the denim setting strips.

So we decided that I would take it apart (and down from the design wall) and work on reimagining it at a future date. Terry was fine with that and knew the quilt was just not working. Even as a new quilter, he realizes that sometimes you have to just put something aside for later, and maybe take it apart and start over.

But he did not give up on quilting and has a new piece up on the design wall now (hogging the large design wall in our hallway!).

It’s a Flannel “Half-Square Triangle” Party! 


I think Terry really enjoys making “half-square” triangles. I think he finds it mediative.

Terry selected the fabric for this quilt from a collection of Woolies flannel fat quarters we purchased during a road trip.

He promises to work on sewing the quilt together Thanksgiving week so I can have the design wall back!


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12 thoughts on “Terry the Quilting Husband – Update”

  1. Terry might have been setting himself up for trouble by combining denim with softer cottons. You are a trouper for coming to the rescue with the (less than fun) ripping out so he can concentrate on a new plan. Yeah, I know it was partly to get your design well back…haha. But I know you two know how to share the space so you can both be creative! Terry’s brown/plaid HST quilt looks very masculine but cozy. I’m thankful I have gotten to know you and Terry and those cute Schnauzers.

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      1. Thanks Dawn and I totally knew what you meant 🙂 I had to hurry and get it all sewn together so we could sleep in the bed that night. So the design bed does work in a pinch but then you have to no choice – no goofing off – you have to sew it all together ASAP!

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