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What’s on the Design…Bed

As sort of a follow up to yesterday’s post Terry the Quilting Husband – Update – as I mentioned – Terry the Quilting Husband is hogging the design wall in the hallway.

I like one of my blogging buddies, Claire of knitNkwilt, I had to use the “Design Bed”, and lay out my latest quilt on our bed.

Another quilter was cleaning out her UFOs (if you are not a quilter, please see the post Lexicon of Quilters’ Acronyms) and gave me 12 – 12.5 x 12.5 inch blocks she pieced with beautiful Kaffe Fassett fabrics. They were from a “Block-of-the-Month” club this quilt belonged to and was not interested in making them into a quilt.

example of one of the 12 blocks I was gifted, on the background fabric they were to be set in

At first I put these block in my “UFO” pile but yesterday I felt suddenly motivated to just make them into a quilt.

I used one of the sampler quilt layouts in the book The Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson (yep, this was one of the books from my posting The Library (Mega) Stack, I returned the book to the library but borrowed it again…when I can justify another book purchase, I am probably going to buy it…)

Photo credit:

Here are the 12 blocks on the “Design Bed” waiting for me to sew the rows together.

all bad photography/bad lighting disclaimers apply

I set the fabric in a gold Peppered Cotton (a shot cotton type fabric). Peppered Cottons by Pepper Cory, Studio E Fabrics are a lovely line of fabrics.

I used to sell 8 beautiful fabric selections from this line in my tierneycreates Etsy shop. However, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to stop selling fabric and pulled the yardage, fat quarter sets and jelly rolls from my Etsy shop.

My decision was based on that I did not enjoy cutting yardage for people (I will never own a quilt shop) and I do not want to compete with quilt shops. (You can read from the tierneycreates archives, my first attempt to cut “fat quarter sets” – Adventures in Retail).

So, no judgement on people who sell fabric online, it was just not something I wanted to do any longer.

My plan is to focus my Etsy shop on handmade items. It is called “tierneycreates” after all. Recently, however, Tierney has not been doing any creating for the Etsy shop but has some ideas for 2017 and beyond.

For now Tierney will keep working through her personal UFO backlog (and obviously accept donations from other quilters’ UFO backlogs, ha!).

11 thoughts on “What’s on the Design…Bed”

  1. A good decision — do more of things you like to do and less of things you don’t like to do. Not retailing fabric sounds like it suits you.

    What do you think of shot cottons? I think they’re gorgeous. And in my experience, they fray and shed worse than almost anything else. Are there brands that don’t do that?

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    1. I am impressed with the Peppered Cottons – they are a more sturdy, sort of heavier weight shot cottons. Their weave is dense. I know exactly what you mean about shot cottons in general – some seam rather flimsy (even if quit beautiful). 😀

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  2. Do what you like. There is enough that we have to do in this world that we don’t like. Can’t wait to see more stuff that Tierney creates! Yaaaaay Tierney!

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  3. Love the Kaffe blocks and wow! What a friend to have indeed! I like the idea of making money through quilting endeavors, whether it’s cutting fabric, designing patterns, etc. but I’ve never been inspired enough to actually put effort into it on top of my full-time job. Good for you for identifying that as a need for change!

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  4. Love the simplicity of this quilt. Makes the “UFOs” (<— did I get that right? I am obvs not a quilter however; I did make a tini -tiny miniature quilt for my childhood dollhouse once – does that count??) really stand out.

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  5. Sorry – cut off. It makes the “UFOs” (did u get that right? I am obvs not a quilter, however I did make a miniature quilt for my dollhouse once when I was a kid – does that count??) really stand out nicely. 😉


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