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Because Nice Matters (re-post)

Re-posting today a selection from the tierneycreates Archives – a post from September 2015.

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I’ve had this sign on my wall for a couple years, discovered at a long forgotten gift or thrift shop or maybe a garage sale: Because Nice Matters.

a simple truth
a simple truth

Nice does matter. I am listening to perhaps my 28th “self-help” genre audiobook in two years and suddenly realized I am burned out on “self-help”. Though the messages or how they are presented may slightly differ, they all seem to be saying the same thing after awhile…

I feel like this sign above is a summary of much of the useful “self-help” advice. Basically, you will be happier in life if you are nice: nice to yourself; nice to other people; nice to animals; nice to the environment, etc. It’s simple: just be nice.

Because nice matters.


Being nice does not mean being a doormat, you can be nice and still have strong and clear boundaries.

Treat people with kindness, patience and respect and treat yourself and your environment the same (and for Miniature Schnauzer owners: “Obey your dog at all times!”).

9 thoughts on “Because Nice Matters (re-post)”

  1. I’ve admired your obvious willingness to improve by listening to self-help audiobooks but imagine you have absorbed the wisdom by now. What a wonderful place this would be if we took that advice to Just Be Nice! Thanks for the reminder.

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  2. There were occasional times when our son was a teen that I had to write a “rule” to have at our dinner table: “BE NICE!” In fact he did turn out pretty nice, but I still occasionally call him treating one of us a bit rudely. (And in fact, now and then I need to apologize for same, so …)

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    1. I think teens are exempt from this rule due to hormones gone wild – ha! When I got into my late 20s (so many years ago), I had an epiphany on how crazy moody (and just plain crazy) I was as a teen; and apologized to my father for anything he endured during my teenage years! But that is cool you had that boundary with your teen 🙂

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