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And the winner is…

As promised, today I will reveal my decision on which of three new business card finalists I was considering; and asked for your votes on in the post New Business Card Options (please vote for your favorite).

The Options

To recap, there were the three options:

Option #1


Option #2


Option #3


The Poll Results

Here are the results from the poll:

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.15.17 AM.png

As you can see above, with 16 votes of the 28 total votes, Option #1 was the winner of the poll.

The Decision

Option #1 won the poll, but alas, it was not the winner of my heart. As much as I loved the graphics on card #1 it kept feeling like that business card for a tailor or seamstress.

I so appreciated all the comments and votes, but I really connected with several comments in regards to Option #3 and decided to go with the vertical business card.

I am only ordering the smallest order (100 cards) as I love the idea from several comments to eventually go with a business card that features my art.

2017 I am going to focus on creating more of my textile art so I have a large selection of works to choose from someday – ha!


I am currently listening to the audiobook Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck (2006).

Although some of the material seems dated (the book was published in 2006), I am really enjoying the audiobook. A lot of it reminds me of the audiobook, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth (2016) that I discussed in several posts, most recently in the 7/22/2016 post A “Gritty Bad#ss”?

Photo credit: Amazon.com

The book focuses on a discussion of the “Fixed Mindset” vs. the “Growth Mindset”.

I am about a 1/3rd way through listening to the audiobook and I came across a great quote by the author on how some people need to feel praised, “worshipped”, and admired by others:

If you feel a need to be surrounded by worshippers, go to church. – Carol S. Dweck

I must admit at times in my life I sought praise from others, a lot. I cannot change how I behaved in the past but it is giving me a lot to think about for the future!

Feature photo credit: dchappel, free images.com

17 thoughts on “And the winner is…”

  1. I think there is nothing wrong with asking for praise and thanks, any more than there is anything wrong with asking for anything else you need. The key might be to situation — who, what, when, where, why. 🙂

    I voted for the first option but I do like the 3rd, also. I’m sure you’ll be very happy with it.

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  2. I voted for the first option, but it was after much deliberation and the one you chose was the second choice. I thought it looked more ‘artisan’. I hope it brings you success!

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  3. I can see the dilemma. #1 emphasizes “textile” more than “artist,” though the scroll work on the Featherweight is arty. Kind of like discussions of whether one is a quilt artist or an art quilter. And though I too voted for #1, I agree that it is not a democracy. What matters is what resonates with you. After all you are the one being represented. I really like the idea of cards with your art on them, when the time comes for more.

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    1. Terry the Quilting Husband strongly favored #1, before I posted my decision I ran through my logic of my choice of #3 just to hear it out loud for myself (as #1 was a pretty darn cool card!) 😀


  4. For me, when asking opinions, I’m not asking which way to go as much as I’m learning which way NOT to go. Or – others opinions help me pull off the things I don’t like but perhaps were on the fence about. Bottom line: never make the decision someone else’s, always let the final decide fall to you.

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  5. I didn’t vote, but I think I would have voted for #3, because it is more consistent with the aesthetic of your own work. I like #1, because I actually own a machine like that (Singer 66 (or 99) I believe) but though I use it to produce my own work, the work itself doesn’t reflect that, it is much more modern. I have a very few business cards that I made myself, using photos I took of my own stuff. I have a couple of versions that I print up when I need them (which is rare). I do think putting something of your own on it would be best, when you can. Maybe one of those little kimonos!

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    1. Lovely idea Sue and thanks for your comments! Yes #1 was a very cool card and I think ultimately a custom one would be awesome. I only got a small order of #3 to tie me over for awhile. I know these are not big life decisions and ultimately no one probably gets that excited when they receive your business card but for some reason it felt like a big decision to me, ha! 🙂

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  6. Hi!

    I LOVE that you chose #3! I totally believe you made the right choice – and agree with your reasoning on it.

    I hope you enjoy them, get to distribute them, and gets tons of business from them!

    Best to you! Annie

    🐾🐾 Annie🐶


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  7. I love #3, so I’m in agreement on your choice (not that you need me to be!) I have the cutest little business cards from MOO.com. They feature my signature quilt on one side and my info on the other. Want me to send you one to look at?

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