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Softies and Sharing


I love working with fabrics and in the future I want to focus on more craft items than quilts – like tote bags, pillows, handbags, pincushions and “softies” (plush toys).

Although I am trying to be good on not buying crafting magazines, whenever we stop by Barnes & Noble for a book and magazine browse, I peek at the latest issue of Stuffed Magazine: The Crafting of Softies, published by Stampington & Company.

Like the other high end crafting magazines, it costs $14.99 an issue, and I could not really justify bringing an issue home with me. Especially when I have other crafting magazines filled with many patterns and inspirations waiting for me!

Until today…

Monday is my day off, and I took a car trunkful of donations (from cleaning out my crafting supplies – see my posts on “Craft Room Archaeology”) to the Humane Society Thrift Store.

I had in my purse a “$5 off a $15 or more purchase” at the Humane Thrift Store coupon, so after turning in my donation, and noticing that all books and magazines were 50% off, I thought I would just stop in for a quick wander.

Guess what I found?

I found 9 issues of Stuffed Magazine, in excellent condition, for $3 each (instead of $14.99). With the 50% off sale on books and magazines, I only paid $1.50 per issue. I also picked up a knitting book, Yarn Play, and a $1 brand new container of Mod Podge (yes I opened it up and made sure it was still usable).


I know what you are thinking….

“Tierney, didn’t we just read a whole series of posts about you getting rid of stuff in your home…and this whole minimalism thing you are embracing?”

Yup.  But, but, but – I could not pass this deal by…

Also, I am thinking of it as a “rental“. When I am done with the Stuffed Magazines, I will donate them back to the Humane Society Thrift Shop!  For now, I am going to put on the kettle for a HUGE pot of tea for this stack of magazines!


Do you ever feel like the Universe is having you hold onto something for someone else?

A couple weeks ago, I clipped the Humane Society Thrift Shop “$5 off a purchase of $15 or more” coupon and stuck it in my purse with no plans to go shopping with it. It just seemed like a good idea to keep it handy.

Today’s impulse wander at Humane Society Thrift Shop led to a $16 purchase but I did not use the coupon. Instead I gave it to the woman at the counter/line next to me, who had 4 young kids with her and was struggling to decide if she could get all her thrift shop purchases.

She had a stack of books for her kids (obviously taking advantage of the 50% off sale) and a couple of kitchen items. She was having the clerk tally the items several times to see what she could get and what she needed to put back/leave at the shop. I handed her my coupon, with the excuse that it was about to expire and I did not need it. She was quite pleased and exclaimed: “Now, I can get everything, thanks!”

I felt like the Universe had me put that coupon in  my purse for her.

18 thoughts on “Softies and Sharing”

  1. I like the concept of ‘renting’! he he! When dropping off a charity donation I can rarely leave the shop without purchasing something else! If it’s a novel, then I read it, pass it onto someone else to read (often it does the rounds of more than one friend) and eventually it gets regifted to the same or another charity shop. I don’t often find crafting books, sadly, but love it if I do come across them. And I have bought clothes for the fabric rather than the garment. I love a good charity shop rummage.!

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    1. We would have a blast wandering around a charity/thrift shop together! Nothing wrong with buying used clothing to reinvent it into something new! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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      1. What a lovely thought! I go to a craft group most Thursday mornings and last summer a few of us went on a charity shop tour together! It was a success for some but not for others, but we had a giggle and a good lunch afterwards.

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  2. We (speaking of quilters and people who have Internet, etc.) are so blessed! It is good to be reminded every now and then of just how privileged we are and how much joy we can bring just by noticing opportunities to share. Buying the used craft magazines was a smart move even in the face of your recent purging. It represents passing up an expensive version of the magazine for a more sensible option. Recycling at its best!

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  3. How cool to find your dream magazines at markdown! I would definitely be thrilled at the happy coincidence/gift from the crafting muses. 🙂 Lovely story – I’m sure she appreciated the discount. Sharing is caring!

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  4. “Renting” is a great word for it, and it also reflects the up-front plan to let it go again. Love it!

    And you giving your coupon to that mother is wonderful. You are such a wonderful person. I bet you made her very happy with that gesture.

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