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Update on “A Chicken Named Tierney”

Several months ago I posted that a friend of mine named her baby hen chicks after her close female friends. This is an update to that post – A Chicken Named “Tierney”.

A month or so ago I took photos of teenage “Tierney the Chicken” and her brand new chicken coop; and recently I took photos of young adult “Tierney the Chicken”.

The Teen Years Weeks

Here is the deluxe coop she and her hen sisters live in. It has an inside section and a sunroom:

Chicken Cooping in style

Here is teenage “Tierney the Chicken” and her sister “Gabrielle the Chicken”:


Here is “Tierney” and the other teenage hens getting a snack:


My friend Marla, mother to all the young hens, has a photo in her house of what “Tierney the Chicken” will look like when she grows up and becomes an adult Dominique chicken:


Young Adult “Tierney the Chicken”

“Tierney” is now a young adult and getting closer to her egg laying days. No eggs yet but my friend Marla thinks in the upcoming weeks she and her sister hens will lay their first eggs.

Here is a current photo of “Tierney” and her sister “Gabrielle” (and some other chicken “photo bombing” the shot, ha!):


My friend Marla reports that “Tierney” is the friendliest of all the chickens. She runs towards you first when you come into the coop and she likes to snuggle:

Chicken Cuddles

Truthfully I’ve never cared about chickens beyond enjoying the eggs they lay or an occasionally tasty chicken dinner. This is the first time I have ever seen a chicken snuggle! (Is it my fate to eventually become vegan now that I suspect most farm animals will snuggle?)

Maybe it is slightly weird my friend named one of her hens after me (and her other close female friends) but how many people get to say they have a chicken with their namesake!??!

I will close this post with a photo of the cool wind vane inside Marla’s backyard:


31 thoughts on “Update on “A Chicken Named Tierney””

  1. The chickens still live with Maria and not you, right? Or is this coop in your back yard? I grew up with my grandmother raising chickens and remember “dominicker” hens and wondered if these were the same. Googling said yes, Dominique Chickens (sometimes called Dominicker or Pilgrim Fowl) have endured a long and rich history, were first developed by the Colonists and not recognized as a specific breed until the early 1800’s.

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    1. Oh yes the chickens are at my friend’s house. I can barely handle raising vegetables, ha – no livestock for me. Thanks for the info on the other names and I did not realize the history 😀


  2. My husband a I often talk about getting chickens but we don’t have the yard space for a coop. We’d probably only raise them for the eggs.

    When I was little we raised chickens but my parents took care of the butchering. I don’t think I could do it. I’m a chicken myself. 🙂

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    1. If we had chickens I would definitely never eat chicken again, especially after snuggling with them! I am looking forward to getting fresh eggs from my friends once “Tierney” starts laying! 🙂

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  3. Tierney and her sister hens should be dropping eggs very soon! They have a very high protein organic diet supplemented with fresh melon and lettuce so they’re in top shape for their upcoming job. We have placed a couple of decoy eggs in the nesting boxes as inspiration and, when Tierney starts laying, you can bet there will be a photo shoot with her namesake!

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