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Dark Cabinet of Mystery (October 2015)

As part of the tierneycreates Blog Anniversary Celebration, I will be featuring (sprinkled through out the month of October) my top posts of the past 4 years (i.e. most views and/or most comments). Kicking off the “Best of tierneycreates” with a sort of scary-Halloween-esque themed post from October 2015 (…don’t read it alone in dimmed lights….).

There is nothing on the Design Wall and the sewing machine is cold…

We all have those stretches on “non-creatvity” and I am hopefully on the tail end of one of those stretches right now. I have however continued with my side project of decluttering and scaling back my life as discussed in previous posts (see posts in category My Minimalism Journey ).

I decided to take on THE DARK CABINET OF MYSTERY

Don’t be afraid to peek in (and then reach inside)…


I know I am not alone – many people have those drawers or cabinets “of mystery” in which you never peek unless you really, really, really need to find something (and you strongly suspect, unfortunately, it is in THERE).

Most of the time you just throw something in there and quickly close the door without looking too hard to see what has gathered inside.

I have started working on what I call my Dark Cabinet of Mystery in the corner of my kitchen.

It is an oddly shaped cabinet and has angle that reaches into…another dimension? A break in the “space-time continuum”? A wormhole?  I actually asked my husband to just reach into the cabinet and pull everything out.

(I figured if something grabbed him when he reached in, I could retrieve the dogs quickly and run out of the house)

Well everything got pulled out, and my husband survived emptying the cabinet. Below is what was inside and it is obvious that I kept thinking: “oh I need to save this glass jar”, “I probably really need to save this glass jar”, “not sure if I have enough glass jars”…

In addition to a large supply of empty glass jars I discovered I had a springform (aka cheesecake pan) which I have never used since buying it like 20 years ago; and I have an electric carving knife used once or twice in the 15+ years I have owned. I also have an entire extra set of flatware.


Now I have to decide what to keep and what to recycle (hint the numerous glass jars) or donate. I also need to decide the future of the Dark Cabinet of Mystery…

Maybe I should just have the Dark Cabinet of Mystery professionally sealed up…especially if creatures from other dimensions find a way to slip in through a portal likely in one of its dark corners..

Featured image credit: Ryan Smart, free

18 thoughts on “Dark Cabinet of Mystery (October 2015)”

  1. Haha! I was waiting for this intriguing post. I just tackled my dark cabinet of mystery a few weeks ago when I was looking for my spring form pan. It, also, was filled to overflowing with glass jars. LOL I also have an electric knife, but it lives in my crafting space to cut foam for cushions. I wish I were brave enough to live more minimally.

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    1. Oh my goodness! Why did I get rid of the electric knife – I could have used it for the same purpose – that is brilliant! Congrats on taking on your own cabinet! Too bad there is not some awesome glass jar art we could have made with all our glass jars (and what were we originally planning to do with them when we kept savings them…ah the great mysteries of life…)


    1. Maybe there is someone you could bribe in order to take on that cabinet. There is something deeply disturbing about a lot of storage containers without lids (like what happened to the lids – did they go where the missing socks go?!?!?!) 🙂


    1. Thank you! I mean my blog would have suddenly stopped if I had been abducted by something hidden in the cabinet. Of course that they might make an interesting book which you could discuss on one of your posts 😉

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      1. LOL but I’m glad you weren’t abducted! I would miss your blog and of course YOU. I think your followers would have to organize a search & rescue party and we would find ourselves in a Sci-fi book. Of course I’d have to blog about that too. LOL

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  2. Funny! My kitchen does not have such a place, but there are a couple of other spots in the house. For instance, this morning Jim spent time sorting a few of Son’s things. We’re always surprised when we do that. There are things we know about (Grandpa’s knife collection, or the coins and foreign currencies,) and things that are surprises (souvenir Olympic “coins?” where the heck did they come from?)

    Your jars remind me — my stepdad saved jars. I don’t know they were ever used, but he sure had a lot of them! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment they made me smile. I am down to only 3 empty jars (panic would set in too great if I totally let go of empty jars!) I bet your stepdad had something in mind for those jars, maybe! Glad your kitchen is sans dark scary cabinets!

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  3. I’m so glad you survived. Poor Terry. Sad how quick you were to sacrifice him to the dark cabinet. 😂 Hate to admit it but I’m sure I have plenty of places in my home that would fall into that category. I always think of the space behind fridge as a dark cabinet. I like to pretend the mystery behind there doesn’t exist. Lucky me the fridge is too big and heavy for me to move. This means my hubby gets that job. 😊

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