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Announcing the Winners of the tierneycreates Blog’s 4th Anniversary Giveaway

This morning Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH) did the drawing of the names of the winners of the handmade Little Wallets to celebrate the tierneycreates Blog’s 4th anniversary. Names were selected from those who left comments on the post: Blog Anniversary Celebration & Giveaway.

In this post I promised we would select four (4) winners, well we decided at the last moment to up it to five (5) winners so more people could win (in my heart I wanted to just send a Little Wallet to everyone that commented!)

But before we get to the winners (be good, don’t scroll down yet, ha!) let me share the technical details of the drawing.

The Drawing

First the validity of the drawing was overseen and verified by Sassy & Mike of the prestigious firm Schnauzer Affiliates, Incorporated. Here is their corporate photo which hangs in their offices:


A highly complex method was used to select the winner while the principles of Schnauzer Associates, Inc. observed and verified the results.

First the names of those who posted comments on the blog anniversary post were written down on a piece of paper, numbers were assigned and then numbers were written on a piece of paper:


(I hope these technical details do not overwhelm anyone)

Then the numbers were placed in my recently knitted hat:


Sassy of Schnauzer Affiliates, Inc., closely officiated the drawing which was made by TTQH:


Here is Sassy providing TTQH with instructions prior to the beginning of the drawing:


Sassy closely monitored the drawing of the five (5) numbers/winners:


Sassy validated and verified the results of each number drawn:


The Random Drawing Winners

I am happy to announce the five (5) winners below, please send me your mailing address using the Contact Form in the Questions page of this blog – thanks and CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Crawcraftbeasties
  • Susan Maasch
  • SandraNY
  • Handmade Habit
  • Chela’s Colchas Y Mas

Feature Image Credit: Krzysztof (Kriss) Szkurlatowski, freeimages.com

26 thoughts on “Announcing the Winners of the tierneycreates Blog’s 4th Anniversary Giveaway”

  1. Tierney! It looks like Sassy of Schnauzer Affiliates, Inc. did an excellent job overseeing the drawing process! 🙂 I have been sorely behind on my blogging and blog-reading this month (am with family in Toronto), but I couldn’t resist checking on the giveaway results today at the library. I can’t describe my absolute excitement at being among the teeny wallet recipients!!!! 😀 I am absolutely floored and feel so so very lucky!! Thank you, so much! You made my day! Big hugs from Canada! 😀 ❤

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    1. You are so welcome and yes the SAI did a great job ensuring the validity of the drawing. We made a down payment of biscuits for their services and they are going to invoice us for the balance. Hope you did not make a scene at the library when you discovered you won – you know jumping around, high-fiving other library patrons trying to use the computer, etc. Ha! Congrats 🙂

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      1. Haha! What great service. I can tell that SAI are true pros. Funny enough that you mention it, I *did* get bumped off of my spot because another patron had booked the computer. It’s ok. Receiving the happy news about your mini-purses was worth it being disciplined by a bespectacled and slightly stern librarian! 😀

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  2. I didn’t win but I can tell it was an honest drawing. Just look at the one dog’s vigilance. Easy to see who is running their firm!

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  3. Oh woweeeeeeee! I’m so excited that I won something! And I didn’t even need to bribe TTQH – although with Schnauzer Associates Inc overseeing the process, I doubt he would have got away with any draw-fixing. SAI’s corporate portrait is wonderful, by the way… I wish I looked as dignified in photos 😆 Thanks again, Tierney!

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  4. I simply love how creative you got with this post. You turned a simple task into a dramatic event with the schnauzers. So imaginative! Congratulations to the many winners! You are so lucky to receive Tierney’s gift! 🎉

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