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“Field Testing” a TTQH Quilt

Welcome to another entry in the Terry the Quilting Husband (aka “TTQH”) series of tierneycreates blog posts.

TTQH got his latest quilt – Flannel Fishing  – back from the long-arm quilter and “field tested” it on Sunday (I was a nice wife and put the binding on for him, then laundered and put the quilt in the dryer to make it super yummy). He was joined by professional quilt field testers – Sassy and Mike (our miniature schnauzers).

The “field” was the living room sofa and the test involved falling asleep in the quilt while watching Sunday afternoon football.

Sassy, TTQH and Mike

As you can see above, I accidentally woke up Sassy and Mike from their snuggly flannel dreams when I took photos.

Mike was able to quickly fall back asleep under the quilt nestled behind TTQH:

His eyes might appear open but he was passed out cold

TTQH is not into being photographed for the blog, you will just have to trust me he is field testing the quilt on the sofa (hey maybe he is Witness Protection, you never know…)

The fabric for the quilt was purchased during Central Oregon Quilt Shop Hop earlier this year and you can read more about this quilt in the 07/06/17 post Update: Terry the Quilting Husband.

The long-arm quilter was not quite sure what do with it. It is a very busy quilt. She ended up doing a meandering stitch.

TTQH stitched together a bunch of flannel squares (9″ I think) of fishing and hunting themed fabrics he liked to create the quilt. The quilt was originally all PRINTS and I delicately suggested (I did not want to interfere with his creativity) that he add some solid flannels from my stash to help tone down all the prints:

Hey TTQH likes the design and it is his quilt 😉

I pieced the back of the quilt for him from an old collection of outdoorsy mountain wildlife fabric panels and kit I had collected 10+ years ago and never used – but it worked for the back of the quilt:


TTQH is very pleased with the quilt (and it provided a great nap during field testing).

The quilt joins the other TTQH flannel quilts strewn about the living room for the Central Oregon late Fall to Winter (to early Spring) season. In the evening we each grab a TTQH flannel quilt and start nesting!


If you are curious, TTQH doesn’t just make flannel quilts for himself – his very first flannel quilt he sent to his Mom and he has also made on for his sister Diane. He made his sister Susan a non-flannel quilt.

21 thoughts on ““Field Testing” a TTQH Quilt”

  1. TTQH did a good job on his quilt–evidenced by the successful field test! I’ll bet that Sassy and Mike also gave it a 5 bark review.

    It sounds so cozy to next under flannel quilts in the evenings!

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  2. Field testing is so important! It’s nice you have three field testers to determine just how cozy your quilts are…I also have three, what would I do without them? Quilting chaos would soon follow, I am sure of it! I am impressed by your “delicate” suggestion AND that TTQH understood the importance of listening to your artistic voice as two artistic voices could quite possibly cancel each other out…yikes!

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  3. Nice work! Jim hasn’t made a quilt by himself, but he is involved. Usually he serves as my #1 consultant. And he’s also helped make 2 or 3 quilts with cutting and piecing. I even had him help quilt one. In May our 2nd oldest grandchild will graduate from high school, so I’ll rope him into helping with her graduation/going-to-college quilt. 🙂

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  4. Nice work, TTQH! And it looks like it got the paws-up from the testing team, too! 😀 I’m also glad to see I’m not the only one with a camera-shy guy at home… I usually find myself joking that Boyfriend is wanted by Interpol 😂

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