Prepping to Make Fabric Bowls, Continued

This post is an addendum to yesterday’s post Prepping to Make Fabric Bowls and contains a rare photo of Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH) who usually avoids being photographed for my tierneycreates posts!

Alright, this is going to appear like major husband abuse, but somehow I convinced TTQH to work on tedious sewing the coil of batik strips and clothesline required as prep to eventually make more fabric bowls.

I set it all up on my machine, provided training, and he got to work!



After a while, Mike the miniature schnauzer came in the room to check on him and witness the abuse:

Mike: “What is she making you do?!?!?”

Mike gave me the “furry eye ball” for putting TTQH through such tedium!

Mike: “I want to extract him from this room and bring him back to snuggle with me on the sofa”

TTQH finished about 12 – 15 feet of coil and then took a break for an underdetermined amount of time (though he promises to return to it in the future):


I did take TTQH out to dinner to his favorite brewery this evening, so this makes up for the tedious task as well as upcoming tedium!


I love real rainbows, they make me smile.

Our winter has been surprisingly mild in Central Oregon so far and last week we had rain instead of snow. We seem to always get rainbows after a rainstorm here and I took a couple photos while on a neighborhood walk.


30 thoughts on “Prepping to Make Fabric Bowls, Continued”

  1. great rainbow pix!

    I have to say, I’m not convinced that TTQH will do a lot more of that. As for me, I’m working up to starting a graduation quilt for #2 granddaughter, which I’ll force Jim to work on, too. 🙂

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    1. Thank you and I bet the work you make Jim do will not be as tedious at the fabric basket prep! You might be right, I am not sure if TTQH will volunteer to work on it anymore, or if Mike will let him. Graduation quilt – very cool 🙂

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  2. I love to see TTQH at the machine — hard to imagine my roommate doing the same — good on you! Lovely close-up of Mike — he does have an expressive face. And I really like the little insider peek at your sewing room.

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    1. I agree! On both the rock star thing and that Mike will ban such future activity. Snuggling over sewing is his priority! He is totally in love with TTQH and wants to cuddle with him pretty much constantly!


  3. Hillariously **productive**!
    Our ‘terry-husbands’ will put-out but then when they’re done, they’re done. The trick is in getting the most mileage out of them while they’re in the moment, eh?
    Looks like you have a lot of coils to show for it – so those bowls will no doubt be churned out in record time, too.
    Mike on the other hand might be harder to win back over – no amount of brewery rewards can appease that look!!!!

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    1. Thanks so much for your comments Laura, they gave me a smile this morning! I am sure I can give Mike some tasty biscuits and get him on my side again – ha! I am going to wait and see if TTQH shows any interest in returning to work on the coil….

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  4. Aha! I see I came in at part 3 of this saga of fabric bowl prep. Gosh, TTQH is flying through that work! Although if I was promised dinner in a brewery, that would keep me motivated too 😀 Mike is such a sweetie, and your rainbow shots are beautiful too!

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  5. Interesting – so that’s how the coil for the bowls is made. This looks like very fine and close work, and I appreciate the time it takes to make the bowl even more now, seeing how the fabric has to be worked. TTQH is doing a great job! What a neat sewing machine, too. It has an LCD dispay(!).

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    1. Thank you, it is not complex just tedious work (having to stitch through the center of the clothesline tucked into strips of fabric. The sewing machine is an older model Bernina (early 2000s) and I thought it was quite the fancy machine with a screen when I bought it (but the new ones are light years beyond it)

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      1. Thank you! The photo could not of course capture the loveliness in person. I want to run towards them whenever I see them (okay I know there is no pot of gold, but maybe there is a basket of fabric scraps at the end of the rainbow?!?!) 🙂

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    1. He was very absorbed as it is the kind of tedium that is not mindless but you have to pay careful attention to make sure you are sewing through the center of the clothesline along with the fabric strips. But I have to finish the excitement on my own now (and Mike is happy, ha!)

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