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A Beautiful Monday

I meant to post this yesterday but the day got away from me (where does time go? do the minutes slip away to the same place missing socks go?).

I do not work on Mondays and this past Monday I went for a lovely hike with my friend Laurie and her Bernese Mountain Dog, Luna along the Deschutes River Trail off of Farewell Bend Park.


We are having “Sprinter” (Spring-like Winter, yes I totally made that up) in Central Oregon. Monday was in the late 50s to early 60s degrees F (14 – 15 degrees C for my blogging friends outside the US).  It was truly like a sunny blue sky Spring day (minus the Spring foliage).

We had a wonderful hike along the Deschutes River. Luna got to play in the river so she really happy and as a bonus for her and the humans, we ran in the puppy/”mini-me” version of Luna – an adorable Bernese Mountain Dog puppy named Willow.

Well, instead of me telling you about the hike, why don’t I just share photos and let the photos speak for themselves!


The Deschutes River Trail and Farewell Bend Park connect you back into the Old Mill District, an outdoor shopping and dining area built around an old lumbar mill, hence the name (www.oldmilldistrict.com/about/history/).

Laurie and I got a kick out of the app-based rental bikes parked at the Old Mill. You sign up and pay for the rental using a smartphone app!


We plan to rent them someday to explore the surrounding area by bike without having to haul our bikes down to the area!

Actually we are planning monthly hikes to explore our town. I have lived in Central Oregon 12 years and there is so much I have not yet explored, or I just want to explore again!


I so appreciate the comments, insights and encouragement on my 02/04/18 post Art & Fear, etc..

I got less stuck (or got over my “inertia” an awesome word my blogging buddy Claire of knitNkwilt commented) and mapped out the required dimensions of one of the art quilts with a looming deadline:


I also pulled out my recycled materials stash to start playing with fabrics based on the design I have sketched!


Moving forward! Unstuck! (for now…)


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  1. Beautiful photos Tierney! I’m envious of your “Sprinter” weather, today we had snow and icy sleet 🤨
    I want to snuggle with that precious puppy! Glad Luna met a friend on the hike.
    Congratulations on taking that first and hardest step to get past the case of the “stucks”

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    1. Thanks so much Abbie! We are not sure how long Sprinter will last as we are a snow area (heck we have Mt. Bachelor ski area here) but we are enjoying it for now! The pup was so cute and cuddly, I did pick her up and snuggle. The owner was very generous with sharing her pup with us on the walk, we interrupted her walk for quite a while, ha! 🙂

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  2. What fun! We haven’t had much opportunity to get out this winter. We snowshoed once, and then we had no snow and it was way too cold. Now we have snow again, but COLD! And we’ll get another 5″ or so into Friday, but I’ll be at my retreat all weekend. Huh, sorry I’m whining!

    Good thinking to create the space for your art piece. I’ll have to try that. I think it would help me, too. Enjoy!

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    1. That is right – your retreat is coming up! I was reading your prep on it earlier but have not commented yet. Snowshoeing is fun – we have snowshoes, though right now we would have to go high up into the mountains to find snow! Thanks – I think mapping out the dimensions got my creative juices flowing 🙂

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  3. We had a few days of sprinter, and now it’s gray, wet, and cold. I won’t complain, because our spring is short and our summer is long. Thanks for sharing the photos. What a beautiful place to hike. We were going to walk the Mission trails this week, but we got rained out and I got called to take care of my grandson. Glad your not stuck and I can’t wait to see your art. My friend lives near my son, so I’m visiting with her in the evenings. She is super creative and talented, so I’m getting reenergized.

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  4. I smile when I see you’ve posted. Beautiful walk. AND a start to a project. Just fill in that space. Step one is the biggest and you’ve done that. The rest is just figuring out what goes where. And you’ve got a deadline…great way to stay focused!

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    1. Thanks for your comments and YES – Painters Tape! I used to think it was only for painting but then at a quilt retreat one of my friends was using it to label her pieces for quilt and numbering her rows to assemble her quilt. I started using it too for the same things and then expanded my painters tape use to mapping out quilt dimensions, etc. I keep it with my sewing supplies 🙂


  5. Loved walking and lunching with you Tierney! Thanks for sharing the photos from our wonderful “hike to lunch” afternoon. I have to say after the lovely lunch at Flatbread Pizza and pint of Boneyard RPM IPA I was ready to go home and take a nap :-). Looking forward to next months walk!

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting Laurie – that is a cool surprise! Yes those added bonuses made it extra fun! I am looking forward to our next adventure, of course I am just hanging out with you to be around Luna 😉


  6. Nice! I was just wondering about your outdoor activities the other day, and thinking about all the food you gathered in your neighborhood there for a while. Yes, pretty random, but that’s how thoughts are sometimes 🙂

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  7. That is such a beautiful trail, and happy to hear that some unseasonably warm weather made that gorgeous hike possible! I love this Bernese mountain dog duo! That reminds me: I once ran into a stuffed toy shop in Zurich that had *floor to ceiling* Bernese mountain dog stuffed animals. It was quite a site to see, let me see if I can find a photo of this place, lol. Glad to see, too, that the art quilt planning is now in progress! 😀

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