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Creative Inspiration: A Surprisingly Beautiful Monday

We have a break in our Winter weather and I went on a beautiful hike at Shevlin Park this past Monday with my friend and her Bernese Mountain Dog.

I thought I’d share photos from my hike as part ongoing series of posts on my sources of Creative InspirationMy blogging buddy Mary @Zippy Quilts had a recent post about Inspiration from Nature, and her post inspired this post!


I think several of the photos above would make awesome art quilt compositions! Especially the one of Luna the Bernese Mountain Dog!


After our hike we went to a lovely bakery for lunch (salad and sandwiches, not pastries for lunch!) and then wandered a well curated small indie bookstore nearby, Roundabout Books.

I have an old post about the joy of spending time in an Indie bookstore Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe – Independent Bookstores; Wonderful & Magical Places, and I also enjoyed wandering around Roundabout Books.

Here are a couple photos from my visit:

Like Dudley’s, Roundabout Books has an antique typewriter on display:


They have a wreath made from recycled book pages:


The entire shop is peppered with Staff Suggestions of great books to read (I did purchase the science fiction book The Fifth Season to read after discussing with one of the staff):


Their counter was made from books (I did not want to bother the patron to move so I could take the photo):


And they had a great quote above their backdoor:


26 thoughts on “Creative Inspiration: A Surprisingly Beautiful Monday”

  1. This looks like a lovely day! I am intrigued by that book counter, very creative! Libraries and book stores are just so comforting aren’t they? Luna, Luna, how awesome your sweet face would look on a quilt!

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  2. Your photos say it all…Beautiful day. The photo of the naked tree against the sky talks to me. I can see multiples of that as a strong, graphic quilt.

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    1. You are so right – some of those trees would make an awesome art quilt. I use my blog as my online diary and I can just look up my series of Creative Inspiration posts when I am ready for my next idea 🙂
      Thanks for your comments!

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    1. Luna gets a lot of attention from strangers on our walks, especially kids. We had a kid try to run from his Mom (nearly in front of a car!) to get to Luna! It was such a sunny day and I took a zillion more photos but I did not want to burn you all out on photos of trees in the sun, ha!

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  3. Your snowy landscape and walk looks just perfect ~ just like snow and chill should be. But that’s coming from someone who lives where snow never falls, so I guess I have a very romanticised idea of snow in winter! I want to visit the bakery and the bookshop too.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comments! I do enjoy the 4 seasons even if I get grumpy sometimes where it snows too much and does not melt for quite a while 🙂


  4. Oh yes, this is a totally inspiring walk in the woods! I loved the pure, untouched mounds of snow, the bright blue skies and the stark winter trees… Plus Luna looks like the perfect wandering buddy! And wrapping up with a visit to the bakery and bookstore? Days don’t come much better than this! I’d love to see these moments reappearing in an art quilt someday 😀

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    1. Luna is such a great walking dog, very friendly and well behaved! Thanks for your comments and today was also another surprisingly beautiful winter day! 🙂


  5. Tierney, thank you so much for sharing the photos. They brought a smile to my face. The book store looks like an awesome place to get lost while reading. Love the counter, the antique typewriter and the quote! 😊

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