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Return to Hiking with Luna and Laurie

This post is another entry in my series Outside Adventures!, and a follow up to my post The Toe Saga, Library Stack Catch Up, and Your Sacred Nest.

As I shared in “The Toe Saga” post, I had a quite careless mishap that led to a broken toe (my sofa and I are in “couples counseling” and working out our issues, ha!). A broken toe meant putting on hold my hiking adventures with my friend Laurie and my favorite Bernese Mountain Dog of all time – Luna.

Well this past Monday, I returned to hiking with “Laurie & Luna”! We did a reasonably easy hike – Farewell Bend Park along the Deschutes River. And as per our routine we had a delicious lunch afterwards in the Old Mill Shopping Center which is also along the Deschutes River.

Here are photos from our hike along the Deschutes River:


I’ve also tagged this post with my category/series “Creative Inspiration” on sources of creative/future art quilt inspiration, as I took a couple photos of trees/vignettes that I thought would make interesting art quilt compositions:


I did not take a photo of our lunch but here is Luna at lunch trying to convince Laurie and I that we really need to share our lunches with her:


I would not win any hiking competitions but I was quite pleased with myself that according to my Health tracker app on my smartphone I had these statistics for Monday May 7:


My toe is not fully healed and I was fairly sore the next day, but it was so wonderful to get outside and hike in my beautiful Central Oregon (with fun companions) again!


31 thoughts on “Return to Hiking with Luna and Laurie”

  1. What a lovely environment to go hiking in, it makes me a tiny bit jealous because we don’t really have nature like that in The Netherlands! Great that you’re able to do these kinds of activities again.

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    1. I do feel very fortunate to live here it is like the land of hiking. The Netherlands is pretty awesome and you guys have other wonderful things to do there at least from my one time trip there it seems that way 🙂


    1. Thanks so much and I was pretty happy to be back also! Just imagine if someday I could make an art quilt for all my photo inspirations – I would have a huge portfolio 🙂


  2. I’m glad to hear that you’re continuing your hikes undeterred, Tierney (I do hope your toe is on the mend, and that you’ll be soreness free very soon!). With those views and landscape, I can see why it’d be hard to stay off the trails for very long! And lunch with good pals afterwards is such a nice treat (I always feel a little more healed after nature and lunch!). 🙂

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  3. WOW! What an amazing place to take a walk! Congratulations on the fitness activity! I bet all that walking helped clear your mind and brought a sense of peace to your heart. 🙂

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  4. Hurray! It’s great to see you’re out and about enjoying the trails again (even though this was, what 3 weeks ago? 😆) with a mostly-mended toe. Plenty of awesome quilt inspiration there, and how on earth did you manage to resist Luna’s smile? She would have got half of my meal!

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    1. I did sneak Luna some food when her person was not watching – I agree who could refuse that face/smile? My toe is doing very well, let’s hope my sofa can avoid any future scuffles (we are still working on our relationship, ha!). Thanks for your comments 🙂

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