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Heirloom Batik Scraps in the Mail!

It is day 7 of my fifth blog anniversary celebration goal to post daily for the 31 days of October. So far I still have new material and have not resorted to reposting old posts…yet…

Surprise Goodies in the Mail

During the past couple of months, crafting related treats/surprises keep appearing in my mail (it’s a pattern, and I like it!).

First there was yarn from Iceland and Ireland from my friend Michele from her honeymoon in Iceland and Ireland (see post Small World with Awesome Yarn):


Then in the mail appeared a surprise of a collection of wool scraps from the Isle of Harris from my friend Kathy’s trip to Scotland (see post Scraps from Scotland):

isle of harris1

Well a couple weeks ago, my longtime blogging buddy, Cindy of A Quilter’s Corner with Cindy Anderson (inastitchquilting.com) surprised me with a collection of Heirloom Batik scraps that she picked up at a quilt show!


Heirloom Batik

As it mentioned on their website handloombatik.com, Heirloom Batik batiks are exquisitely handmade batik fabrics. They are exotic and beautiful fabric that begin with ,with Indian block prints; and many are one of a kind.

They are only available at craft shows/festivals, you cannot purchase them directly online.

I first learned about them when Cindy was using them in her amazing improvisational quilts such as in her piece Bits & Pieces which you can view on her 09/13/18 post FUZZY, AP # 62.

I’ve admired the fabrics she uses in her pieces for a long time and asked her what specific fabrics she was using and she told me about Heirloom Batik.

I was so disappointed when I learned I could not order them online and they did not appear to come to quilting shows/festivals in Oregon. So you could imagine my surprise and utter delight when a collection of Heirloom Batik scraps showed up in my mailbox!

The scraps are amazing and I unfolded each scrap and pressed it out, then reorganized it by color into the bag. Here is a photo of all the scraps laid out for me to admire and daydream about using in a future project:


.Cindy also included a lovely handmade card by a fiber artist featuring the State of Wisconsin (her home):


I felt very very very lucky to have received such a thoughtful surprise.

Surprises Continue!

The surprises in the mail are not over, tomorrow I will share the 4th mind blowing craft related surprise that arrived in the mail earlier last week!

21 thoughts on “Heirloom Batik Scraps in the Mail!”

  1. Omg I actually gasped when I saw the picture of the battiks. They are so gorgeous and I’m happy for you uou got them :). Also impressed with your blogging month so far! I struggle with weekly posts 😆

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  2. I think there’s a whole generation of up and coming quilters/sewers who don’t realize the significance of those ‘true’ batiks. Seeing ‘batik’ fabrics produced from various fabric lines – upscale and joanne’s brands – the perception of commonality is standard.
    Anyway, made me remember I have a stash of ‘real’ batik yardage collected over the years, which I’m still laboring over how to cut and sew!

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  3. Wow, thank you for keeping me as a captive audience to your daily blogging in October and also the lovely surprises you have been receiving from all over the world. You got me intrigued with the Heirloom batiks. I believe I was in a store in Portree, Scotland that had some heirloom batiks. Oh, I am salivating at my missed opportunity!!!

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    1. Thanks for reading all these posts! I definitely did not expect people to read my daily ramblings, just wanted to challenge myself and to catch up on posts I wanted to do. Wow I think you should have bought some fabric at that shop in Scotland!


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