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A Guest in My House, Part II

Just a quick update to my previous post A Guest in My House.

I appreciate everyone’s comments and two of the comments particularly stuck with me:

  • Concern over sleeping and working in the same room; and
  • In my future one bedroom apartment in Colorado – the suggestion that I do not sleep with my fabric due to the off gassing from the chemicals (like sizing) used on fabric.

A Tweak to My Arrangement

I am a telecommuter and the type of job I have requires that most of the time I am connected directly to a broadband connection rather than using WiFi to connect to my employer’s network. So since I was working where I was sleeping this required me to sleep with my cable broadband modem/router. Also there were some blinking lights on my work computer that were always present.

The feeling came upon me that sleeping right next to your powerful broadband modem/router might not be the best idea.

So this morning I moved my home office into my quilting studio.

Thanks to the person who brought up that concern!

Sleeping with Fabric

Since I planned to move to a one-bedroom, I was sort of thinking of “sleeping with my quilting fabric”. However one of the comments on my previous post made me think that is not the best idea.

In a month I go to Colorado to visit my dear friend and to tour apartments to rent and sign a lease. I’ve been checking out apartment complexes online for a couple weeks now and I will definitely be looking for a place with a large enough living room to work in my quilt studio and perhaps a nice hall closet for fabric storage!

One of the “finalists” apartment complexes, which is also near where my friend lives, has a nice built-in desk in the large apartment kitchen. That would be perfect for my home office!

Speaking of kitchens, all the apartment complex finalists have nice modern kitchens and many of them have a lot of storage – more than I need. So I might be storing fabric in my kitchen – ha!


Okay next post I will be returning to sewing/crafting specific posts. Thanks for reading my non-sewing/crafting related musings (smile).

21 thoughts on “A Guest in My House, Part II”

  1. You can write about whatever you want, quilting or not! 🙂

    I do think bedrooms are best for sleeping, not working, so agree that switching that plan up is probably a good idea for multiple reasons. Depending on arrangement, you can get lots of storage space for your fabrics one way or another. You are creative and talented and I’ve no doubt you’ll figure out a good plan.

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  2. I am glad you moved the router out of your bedroom. When I visit my parents, the router is in the bedroom and I always cover it up because that blinking light is very annoying! I do agree it is good to separate work area from sleeping area…mentally I think it helps to escape from work literally and figuratively!

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  3. I try to wash my fabric as soon as I bring it home so it is good to jump into any project. This removes sizing, some excess dye and possibly does any shrinking that will happen. I would not be afraid to sleep in room with my fabric. But it sounds like you will have other possibilities in your new digs. The biggest concern I would have would be waking up, seeing my fabric and starting to play with an idea or two…or three in the middle of the night.

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    1. Ha! Yes that could lead to middle of the night sewing projects with all that tempting fabric around 🙂
      I used to be an immediate pre-washer but fell by the wayside. That is awesome you are so diligent!


      1. It’s sometimes the only way ‘real laundry’ gets done! I put it all together. but also, I’m buying less and less all the time…stash is way ahead of me. And I like to use odd fabrics (home deco samples) which are often too small to bother washing.


  4. Ugh, I don’t think I could sleep in the same room I work in (although some days I do feel like I might fall asleep at my desk, but that’s a different matter). I never thought about the off-gassing of fabric, but most of mine is tucked into plastic bins, so hopefully I’m safe.

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  5. Those sound like really cool spaces, Tierney – having moved 8 times in the last decade (!), I can vouch for furniture that is already built-into your space! Sending all good-apartment-hunting thoughts as you continue on your search. I’m sure you’ll find a beautiful new place to call home. ❤

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