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Guest Blogger: What the heck is going on here?

It is time for a Guest Blogger entry by a brilliant, adorable and talented guest blogger (me, me, me!).

2018-11-18_05-59-08_264In case you are new to this blog, my name is tierneycreates Beastie and I am a Monster, but the good kind of Monster. You can read my story at I’m A Monster!!!. You can also check out the other posts I’ve had to guest blog on (i.e. when Tierney fell off the blogging-wagon) in the series of posts: Beastie Adventures.

My dog Mikelet might be made of felted wool but he is very affectionate

In my previous brilliant Guest Blogger post (by the way, Beasties are brilliant and you can check out more of my kind at the website of our maker in Ireland – CrawCrafts Beasties/Beastie HQ) Beastie Guest Blogger: Checking in on her progress, I shared that Mikelet and I had a cozy new area of Tierney’s new studio:

2019-10-22_08-11-13_5712019-10-22_08-11-05_364Well it is all GONE! The studio is gone and our cozy spot is gone!!!!

Tierney and her partner are getting ready to sell his house and buy their own house, and they have to do something stupid called “staging the house for sale”.

That means that her whole studio got packed up and put away, and they are painting over the beautiful turquoise color in the room to make it a boring neutral color like the rest of the house (humans are so silly!).

2020-01-04_10-31-02_4192020-01-04_13-55-08_2502020-01-04_13-55-17_8882020-01-04_13-55-21_0232020-01-04_10-30-47_806I am highly irritated over this (and Mikelet is none too happy either) and what has made it even worse is that Mikelet and I were relocated to Tierney’s home office to hang out with her creepy collection of giant stuffed animal schnauzers (well they are giant compared to Mikelet and me):

2020-01-04_12-22-47_030.jpegMikelet and I are kind of disturbed by the giant schnauzer head we are pushed up against as well as the super creepy schnauzer hanging over the basket next to us!

2020-01-04_12-25-31_061.jpegHe is just a little too close for comfort, I can feel him breathing down my neck!

Once you recover from the shocking images above of Mikelet and I thrust into a “schnauzer slum”, you might start to wonder: “well what is Tierney going to do for crafting with all her stuff put away?”

Well she has set up this basket of hand craft projects in the living room and allegedly she will show you what is inside of this basket in her next post.


18 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: What the heck is going on here?”

  1. Don’t worry, tiny little creature; Tierney loves you and will give you your proper space again soon. Meanwhile, you and Mikelet be patient and hang out with Mike while all this staging is happening. Watch out for paint drops.

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  2. That ginormous (in Beastie sizing) Schnauzer does look menacing…although the pup’s muzzle hanging over you might provide protection from those paint splatters. I think the only safe place is to burrow into that handy basket of projects.

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  3. Mikelet looks like he’s about to run away – but then there is an edge not far away – and looks worried that the basket with Schnauzers will tip over and he will lost in an entanglement of fur, legs and faces…
    I hope you have both got her and him organised when the shift starts, i.e. they’ve got you a comfy opened top box/other that is lined with delicious softness and all your parts are with you, secured etc…

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  4. Hello adorable monster! I like your posts, they are hilarious and remind me of the Muppet Show. Do you have connections to Henson? Could you bring that back on air? Perhaps they’d also take that big scary schnauzer that’s breathing down your neck; let it live with Animal the Drummer, I think he’s got a soft spot.

    And hang in there – you know the saying, “everything passes”? I’m sure you’ll have a new nice studio in no time where you will love to hang out (and type blog posts while Tierney isn’t looking).

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    1. Thank for Torben for your comments they brought I big smile to my face πŸ˜€. I’ve calmed tierneycreates Beastie down and she is considering being patient ha!


  5. Dear Tierneycreates Beastie
    Don’t worry, all will be well. There is certainly never a dull moment in life with Tierney. Please tell Mikelet that he was very brave during the encounter with the Giant Schnauzers. Luckily you were there to reassure him!

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  6. Hahaha! Oh tierneycreates Beastie, I think you’ve weathered the upheavals admirably… Even your time in the Land of the Giant Schnauzers! I’m looking forward to getting the full tour of your new studio after you all move 😊

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