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Inside the Basket

Here is a follow up to the Guest Blogger’s post 01/08/2020 from Guest Blogger: What the heck is going on here? .

The tierneycreates Beastie stated: “…she has set up this basket of hand craft projects in the living room and allegedly she will show you what is inside of this basket in her next post”. So I am now obligated to do just that, otherwise my Beastie will give me grief about  it!

A Peek Inside the Basket of Hand Crafting

So we are staging the house for sale and had to pack up my studio and my sewing machine.

I am not sure how long it will take to sell the house, and find another house, and then to move into that new house. It could be several months and I cannot go that long without crafting, so I set up a basket in the living room of crafts I can do by hand.


I am also in the process of setting up a sewing basket, found at a thrift shop, with my commonly used tools for hand crafting.


Here’s what is inside the basket – a lot of old hand work projects, and some new ones, that I would like to finish.

English Paper Piecing (EPP)

Ssee my series of post Adventures in Paper Piecing for some background on this project. I made the zipped bag I am storing the project in.


In addition to the EPP project above, I also have this EPP project which I have not started (and do not know what I am doing with these hexies which I made from a friend’s scraps during a quilt retreat several years ago:


The Yo-Yo Project 

Someday I might blog about this old mysterious project…



Another project(s) I should blog about someday…if I get any further on my dabble with Sashiko stitching.

It was an impulse buy (twice) at at a quilt shop…



A hat in progress and a ribbed (or seed stitch scarf) to go with the hat I made a friend that I discussed in this post – The Ball of Yarn (which eventually became a hat).


The hat in progress has a story behind it that I will share in a future post.

Miscellaneous Projects

If I ever get working on them, I will explain what they are in a future post (smile).


So that’s what is in the basket! I think I have enough projects to keep my busy a couple months.


I am writing this post from the airport as I am returning from a small informal quilt retreat with 3 quilting friends. At this retreat I brought my EPP and made some progress! And I did some freeform log cabin block piecing with a borrowed sewing machine and a bag of a friend’s scraps. More of my next post.

28 thoughts on “Inside the Basket”

  1. I feel almost like I’m handcuffed without my sewing machine, but I am in the same spot while mine is being repaired. Knitting and embroidery are keeping me sane, well sort of. Good luck, I find I need to stay out of quilt shops now because I will seriously overspend.

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  2. Wow—–keep you busy a couple of months? I know you are productive, but this basket looks like it would keep you out of mischief for longer than that. Those neat little EPPs really caught my eye. I hope their number comes up first. You make me want to get my embroidery out. In my cleaning up/reorganizing/disposing of fabric lately, I’ve been grouping some handwork projects. I’m happy to report I’m moving out more fabric than I’m keeping, but have some great places for it, so it is easy to part with if it finds a good home.

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    1. Thanks and yes I will be blogging about the EPP next or soon. That is cool you are cleaning and organizing – I think it unclutters the mind for new creative adventures 🙂


  3. Wow, you’ve crammed a lot into that apparently small basket… You’re like Mary Poppins, but with craft! I’m curious to see what some of these will grow up to be, especially the “Yo-yo Project”. In school I made a doll out of very similar-looking pieces… Maybe you have the same pattern? 🤔

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  4. Wow! How big is that basket? I have a sewing basket from my husband’s grandmother, you’ve inspired me to fill it with handwork…maybe I’ll actually finish something if it’s on hand in my family room!

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  5. You seem so organised! If I had to stage my home for sale it would take me weeks – I am sure I would spend a lot of time wondering why I bought particular fabrics and what half finished projects actually were! Looking forward to more surprises from you. x

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  6. Good luck with the house move. I have been in the state of having my stuff packed away now for nearly a year, seriously fed up with house moves.
    You have some wonderful projects to go at, I shall like seeing how you get on.

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  7. That’s an amazing basket, something for every mood. I’ve kind of abandoned English paper piecing because while well I love putting the hexies together into flowers, sewing them together into long rows not so much. Lol, maybe I could just hang them on the wall as they are and tell everyone they are meant to be like that.

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