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Quarantine Quilt Project: Life in the Time of Coronavirus, Part V (Guest Blog Post)

All good things must come to an end as they say, and here is the 5th and final installment of the guest blog post series by my talented friend Wendy Hill on the awesome quilt she made during quarantine with the four rambunctious boys next door (aka “The Boys”) ages 2 – 8.

Thanks for reading this series along with me (I was so excited to receive each installment via e-mail and read it myself for the first time while posting it!)

And if you are just joining us, see these posts for Parts I, II, III and IV of the story by Wendy Hill:

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Quarantine Quilt Project: Life in the Time of Coronavirus

Part V: The Big Giveaway

I’m eager to show off the Quarantine Quilt and The Big Giveaway where “The Boys” and their parents see the quilt for the first time.

Here are the full view photographs of the front and the back. (The quilt, with no sleeve, wiggled a bit being clamped to a bar for the photos.)

#1- FV front#2- FV backAt home, I took some detail photographs. Of course, the cats found the quilt in no time….The Quarantine Quilt is officially cat approved!!

#3- Cooper on quilt#4- Izzy on quiltLet’s start with the appliquéd hand blocks. I put The Boys’ hands in the middle, with the adults’ hands on the four corners. It’s symbolic on purpose: the adults are looking after the kids.

#5- kids hands#6- Dad#7- Mom#8- David#9- WendyHere are a few more detail photographs of the quilt front:

#10-front#11- front#12- frontThe quilt back is fun too, with the assortment of found fabrics and leftovers. A friend sent me her found robot boy yardage for the center; she thought it perfect for The Boys.

#13- back#14- back#15- backI’m so pleased I took the time to embroider the labels. These labels will last as long as the quilt.

#16 both labels#17 heart label#18 main labelIt had been a long time since “The Boys” had seen the blocks, and I wondered what they would remember about their creations. But the 3 older boys wasted no time in finding their hand and favorite blocks.

One of “The Boys” found his favorite block, saying it was the weirdest block ever. I told him I’d never seen anything like it and in fact, it was ‘genius’. He had a big grin.

#19Another favorite of The Boys was this block. I think it’s graphic and moody, in a good way.

#20Finally the day for the Big Giveaway came. David and I spread out several sheets on our back deck. As we watched the kids scramble around the quilt (while staying 10’ apart), some of us burst into tears while the rest became teary. This project was definitely a good thing.

#21- giveaway the quiltIn the beginning, we were two neighbors who banded together when the state government ordered a month-long lockdown. At first, we joined forces to add something special to the daily life of “The Boys”, whose routines had changed suddenly with the Pandemic.

Then we started helping each other out. We even celebrated shared birthdays in the open yard between our houses. “The Boys” were growing up in front of our eyes, going from ages 2-8 to ages 2-9. We became closer while we had to live separately.

I can’t help but feel there is a larger story here during this Pandemic. There must be a patchwork of stories unfolding all over the United States and the World, as we find ways to connect and help each other out.

61 thoughts on “Quarantine Quilt Project: Life in the Time of Coronavirus, Part V (Guest Blog Post)”

    1. On the late afternoon of the Big Giveaway, it turned out Nic’s (the father) parents were visiting them. More is merrier, so we invited his parents to come over too. When The Boys ran around looking for their favorite blocks, and talking about how they made them, Nic’s mother started sobbing. Then we all got teary. And I’m getting teary again now.

      The Boys don’t know it now, but we adults know that when they grow up, they too will understand the enormity of what a Pandemic means for us and the world. Then they will understand in a new way what our “exchange project” meant for them, and what the finished quilt meant for me, them, and all people who are reading about it.

      It’s been an honor to have this story told on your Blog, and I’m forever grateful you invited me to share it here. Thank you Tierney, and all your followers who have read along.

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  1. Reading and following this will be one of my best 2020 memories. Kudos to Wendy for helping the neighbor family deal with the quarantine through the wonderful world of quilting. Thanks, Tierney, for posting the story on your blog, and making the links available as you added to the story.

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    1. I feel the same way. This all started over dirt in a birdbath and it led to such a wonderful experience for me and The Boys and their parents. But now this story has “dropped” into Tierney’s blogpost, creating ripples that are spreading the story farther and farther. Without this adventure, 2020 would have been so much more bleak.

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  2. Love, love, love this story. Love the project, the families, the bright lively finished quilt and the bonus quilting tips. It seems like it all started so easily with a teacher’s charm and creativity that captured the kids. The follow through with this huge project is incredible.This is especially inspiring during this tough time. Thank you for sharing Wendy and Tierney!

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    1. I keep swearing off big quilts, but they keep coming into my life, so I will keep going with it. The thing is, when you give, you get back, and I have to keep saying that I got so much out of this collaborative adventure. Thanks always to Tierney for giving me this guest spot.

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    1. I’m lucky this opportunity fell into my lap. I hope others are inspired to do a Quarantine Quilt Adventure with someone in their lives….

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  3. I love the Robot Boys!!! And the real boys. And the heart that you have, Wendy Hill, and now share with the real boys and their whole family. What a great gift out of the pandemic for you.

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    1. Yes, this project lifted my spirits. I’m a rare quilter who does not buy in large amounts nor do I buy “on speculation” much, so I’m really grateful when friends step up and offer fabric for a good cause. That Robot Boy fabric is perfect!!!

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  4. What a great project that will live on for a very long time. I thought it would be fun to make a t-shirt quilt from all the “virtual” races and events I participated in. That seems to be as extensive as my mind can travel right not. This is a whole level more than a quilt. What a great way to really get to know your neighbors. Kudos to all.

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    1. Yes, it’s funny that a Pandemic and lockdown brought us closer together. Any creativity during this difficult time is all good!! Your T-shirt quilt does sound cool- go for it!!!

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  5. absolutely have loved the making both from the young boys creating the blocks through to the making of the whole quilt and of course the judges (cats) making sure that it was sleepable…and the colours and style put an even bigger meaning, which as you’ve said “the boys don’t truly understand what is happening worldwide at this time” – with thanks from New Zealand, Catherine

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    1. Thank you, Catherine, for following along. Yes, the cats are “big” helpers (not) but they do bring smiles. Thanks to Tierney, this story is being shared around the world, and that just makes it so much sweeter.

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    1. Thank you for following along. The Boys and their parents have read all the blog posts now, and they are very pleased with the way Tierney and I have shared our story.

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    1. I’d love to make my own scrappy quilt like this, if I could get out of my own way in putting the fabrics together. I’m hoping some friends would like to collaborate on some sort of scrappy project.


      1. If your quilty friends each supply a scrappy block and non-quilty friends a fabric arrangement like you did with the boys it will be a quilt celebrating friendship.

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  6. This project has been so wonderful to follow-wonderful people and a wonderful experience for all. I’m going to share the posts with some friends who will be touched as I have been. The togetherness that developed will forever be there for the boys.
    I love your blog, and receive all your posts in a feed reader. And, I heard you mentioned in the Book Owl podcast not long ago! I volunteered at a small library for years (and hope to go back), and enjoy seeing what books you find. Today I’m putting in a curb side order-some libraries are open but not the one I use.

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    1. Thank you for following along and sharing the posts. Tierney and I have the Library in common. Our Libraries are open again and have curbside pick up. I also get books on my Kindle.

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    1. Thank you for following along. Those Darn Cats! But they are cute in the way they “materialize” out of thin air as soon as a quilt is on the table.

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    1. I got teary writing and reading it even though I lived it! In an earlier comment, I mentioned that Nic’s mother (grandmother to The Boys) burst into sobbing tears in our backyard, watching the boys run around finding their favorite blocks. It’s a happy story, and perhaps, gives us a peek into the future, when The Boys are older, and life carries on, which is also a heartwarming thought.

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  7. Lovely quilt and neighbors! Such a great way to bond in times where bonding times are tricky! Love the embroidered names and the placement of adult and kid hands

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    1. Yes, we were friendly and cordial before the Pandemic, and we always enjoyed hearing the sounds of the kids on our street, but it took a Pandemic to bring us together in so many ways. I’m so happy I took the time to embroider the labels. The parents loved the hand placement too.

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  8. The quilt turned out beautifully and I loved reading about your exchanges with the boys. Thanks for sharing Wendy and Tierney!

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  9. This is such a wonderful story of friendship and a great way to see the positive side effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The quilt is so lively and colorful and beautiful. I am sure the boys will treasure the quilt forever.

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