Another Card Making Playdate

I mentioned in yesterday’s post (What I Did During My Blogging Vacation) that my friend Michele and I got together last Friday to discuss the book City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty and to make greeting cards like we did a couple of months ago (see post Card Making Playdate).

Since the City of Brass takes place in the 18th century Middle East, I made a Middle Eastern themed lunch for us of tabouli, hummus, fruits, pistachios, dates and goat cheese drizzled with honey, and pita bread:

It was a nice lunch break during a day of paper-crafting together.

We made around 10 cards each. Here are some of the cards Michele made:

Here are the cards I made:

Many of the card stock was in darker colors which would be challenging to write in with regular pens so we added glued at the edge white copy paper into the middle of each card for ease of correspondence:

At the end of our card making day we headed out to meet up with Michele’s husband for dinner at a favorite Italian restaurant but not before my partner John made us some pre-dinner cocktails to celebrate all our productive day of card making!

And by the way, we only had one cocktail each in case you were curious – I photographed our individual cocktails together – ha!

I forgot to mention – when we discussed the we read in our private book group (see post Virtual Book Clubs) during our card making playdate, Michele gave the book City of Brass 3-stars and I gave it 4-stars. Just in case you are curious.

Next card making playdate, which will be at Michele’s house, we will discuss The Guest List by Lucy Foley.


I’ve been catching up slowly on some of the blogs I follow and I was reminded how awesome the blog is of one of my blogging buddy Georgiana – Readers’ High TeaShe does a wonderful job of sharing her reviews of books, primarily contemporary fiction, and I now have a long list of what I want to read! 

If you are looking for ideas of what to read next, check out her blog.

29 thoughts on “Another Card Making Playdate”

  1. Wow, how nice that you and Michele were able to create all day and have a lovely arrangement of food with a middle eastern touch. Mediterranean food is so good and good for you. I love all the cards you both have been making. What a nice day!! K

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  2. Your cards are beautiful Tierney. Please link up your cards at You’re The Star Blog Hop and Happiness Is Homemade. I really want to see you share your creativity there. More people will see your creations.

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  3. The cards are beautiful. I love the one with the puppy! Can I just say, I think food tastes better when it is arranged on a pretty tray? I always put my tea on a tray, even if it is just me sipping. I gotta know which cocktail is yours? I think I know, but…

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  4. Oh my gosh. Who knew greeting cards could actually be art. I made some seasonal cards years ago but they were really simple with a single printed graphic on the front and greeting on the inside of each card. Yours are like quilts! And good idea for John to save the cocktails until after the making session… ;>)

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  5. I might “steal” your idea of making greeting cards to offer them as presents in March – in Romania we have a tradition on 1st of March to offer small presents to women as celebration of the spring season 🙂 It can be anything, from symbolic pins to jewelry, or small cards wishing “Happy spring time!”. And I’ll definitely use materials that I already have at home (maybe even fabrics?) 😀

    Thank you so much for linking my blog, I am very glad that you get inspired from my posts! The inspiration flows both ways!!

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