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Adventures in Bag Making: Drawstring Bag

Earlier this year several quilting friends and I decided to make a different bag each month (well sort of each month, we all fell behind at times) and to do a fabric exchange where we provide the fabric and supplies (like zippers, ribbon, cords, etc) for the bags.

We’ve been purchasing/using patterns by s.o.t.a.k. handmade , we love her wonderful videos on YouTube at her channel – Sotak Handmade. Below is an example of one of her fabulous videos:

Someday I’ll post about my used Juki sewing machine I bought off Craigslist – influenced by watching her sew on her Juki machine.

So far my “bag making group” has made: 1) The Devon Pouch (see post If at first you don’t succeed… ); 2) The Boxy Tool Pouch (see post More Adventures in Bag Making); and now most recently 3) The Drawstring Bag (this post).

Last night I finished my first Drawstring Bag and I have two more to finish (I decided to make three at one time, production-line style). My friend Kathy provided me with absolutely beautiful fabric – some purple Moda Grunge and several fabrics by Anna Maria Horner (you should check out her website I’ve linked, the fabrics are SO GORGEOUS).

Here is my first drawstring bag:

I could not decide whether to make the lining the outside and the fabric I used for the outside of the. bag – they were both so gorgeous!

The drawstring bag stands up on its own thanks to interfacing on both sides of the outside and inside/lining fabric. The pattern was quite easy to follow (especially since this is my third time using one of the Sotak patterns and I see concepts are repeated) and except for the prep work (like cutting and ironing on all the interfacing) it did not take long to assemble.

My friends Kathy and Dana posted their completed drawstring bags on Instagram and here are screen shots from their feeds:

I love their bags too and all the fabrics were generously provided by Kathy!

I hope to finish my next two bags today. They are pretty fun to make and I already had like 25 different fabric combination versions in my head for future drawstring bags, ha!

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  1. Hi – I watched part of the Sotak video and those little clips were not around when I sowed (maybe they were but I always used pins)
    anyhow, I like these bags and your comment abut not quite decided about the inner fabric and outer fabric reminded me how much I love when we have a fun design on the inner fabric of a purse or bag.
    Th first time I saw a Vera Bradley bag was in 2008 – as an art teacher someone donated a purse for our art show raffle –
    and what I recalled was liking the onside and outside patterns –
    hope your other bags come out well

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      1. the student that donated the bag was so sweet – and I was super busy and paid little attention to the donation (as I was doing so many things) and then when it sold for a good price I looked it over and well – been seeing the Vera Bradley brand morph and go up and down in price – TTYL

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  2. Cute bags. These are great videos. I just made 6 small drawstring bags for the kazoos I am giving my granddaughter for herself and her neighborhood friends. On July 4th, I sent her a video of me playing Sousa music on the kazoo. She cracked up, so of course she is going to get one. My son will appreciate this, I am sure.

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  3. Hi Tierney!

    I love your posts and seeing all your projects. Will your bags be for sale at some point? I’m interested!!

    Your quilt I bought is hanging on our wall. It’s beautiful.

    Hoping all is well in your life and to reconnect sometime soon!

    XXOO Colleen 🐳

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