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Two More Drawstring Bags

This is a quick update to my July 6, 2021 post Adventures in Bag Making: Drawstring Bag.

The s.o.t.a.k. handmade drawstring bag patterns gives you directions to make the bags in 4 different sizes. Last night I finished two more bags – another large bag, and a mini bag (and look how gorgeous the fabrics are, provided by my friend Kathy).

Here are some individual photos of the bags and the interior of the bags:

I want to make like 50 more bags in all sort of fabric and color combinations but I need to start working on an art quilt for a show that I’ve been invited.

When I return to drawstring bag making someday, I’ve decided I want to make my own drawstring cord out of braided fabric strings. I’ve been saving strings for years thinking I was going to make a string quilt, but more on that after I experiment.

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  1. I was excited to read that you have been invited to make an art quilt for a show. Congrats. For me, production sewing of items for my market table is a good distraction from making finer work. So enjoy stitching those beautiful drawstring bags. You will reach 50 before you know it.

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