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From the Woodshop and Some New Year’s Day Hair Fun

Happy New Years to all of you!

In this post I’ll share a gift my partner John made from wood scraps in his woodshop and then we’ll have a little New Years Day fun!

I love to save and use fabric scraps for my crafting and quilting projects, and my woodworking partner John does the same with his wood scraps. He is always trying to decide just how small a wood scrap to save.

Well for our friends who enjoy whiskey and bourbon tasting, he made a set of tasting trays from the wood scraps in his shop and put cool beveled edges to each tasting set.

We found chalkboard stickers at one of the home improvement stores and put a sticker/label on each taster-section along with some chalk, so they could mark what is in each taster glass. We also gave them extra stickers in case the originals wear out.

I think it was a pretty creative use of woodworking scraps and John designed the set himself!

Okay now for the fun, and WARNING: You will not be able to “unsee” what you are about to see.

My partner John has had a receding hairline for many years, and has a good sense of humor about it. One of his sons would tease him that he had a “cul-de-sac” on top of his head!

Cul-de-sac - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
image of a cul de sac in case you are not familiar with this term

I came across a smartphone app called HairStyleLite where you can try on different hair styles. John being such a great sport and having a wonderful sense of humor, let me play with one of his photos to see what he might look like with a full head of hair.

Here is the original photo:

And here are some short hair options for John – ha:

There were a lot more hairstyle options, and I tried both female and male hairstyle options, so there was a lot of hysterical laughter. But here is my favorite one – John as an aging Rock and Roll Star (think of the lead singer of the band Aerosmith or something…):

I warned you that you would never be able to “unsee” it!

Well that was some New Year’s Day Hair fun for you!

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27 thoughts on “From the Woodshop and Some New Year’s Day Hair Fun”

  1. Those hairy photos are hil-(hair)-ious! But honestly, why mess around with an already good hairdo on a good lookin’ dude? Bald guys are the best! (All the men in my life have been and/or are currently bald, Dad, GranPas, uncles, son, bro, cousins, and…hubby!)

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  2. Happy New Year Tierney and John…agree with Laura on all matters. Plenty of younger men I know who are onto the full time shaved look… to a point can’t remember what the natural friend was.
    I’m a woman and have plenty of coverage but I’m a buzz cut #4 all over. Because I love it and apparently it suits me!
    During our long lockdown big trpuble especially as I don’t own a brush!

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  3. Haha!! How fun! Those are terrific pictures of hair!

    If the creative wood scrap samplers go in the in the Etsy shop I want to know!! That would be fun for taste testing desserts too!

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  4. I damn near spit out my coffee with that last photo!! He did a beautiful job on those tasting trays. Unfortunately, I would never utilize something like that fully since I have only one bourbon in my life. ๐Ÿ™‚ I could just fill each glass with Maker’s though…

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