A “New” Studio

A week or so ago my partner John and I came up with a crazy idea: We have a large master bedroom and only use about 1/2 of it (the other 1/2 I used for occasional yoga and daily stretches) – why don’t we switch my sewing/quilting studio to the master bedroom and we move our bedroom to a smaller guest bedroom down the hall?

Yes, we’d have to access the master bathroom through my studio but we could keep the closets the same as our clothes are inside the master bathroom in a walk in closet at one end. So all we’d have to do (well it is a BIG “ALL”) is move a couple rooms of furniture around…


First, here is what my OLD studio looked like in one of the smaller bedrooms upstairs in my house:

Here is a little video tour of my old studio I posted to Instagram last year. I uploaded it to YouTube:

As you can see I had it jammed packed with stuff, but I made it work!

So over the past 3 – 4 days, doing a little here and there and then doing some big moves, we got rooms switched around. It took another day to get art, etc. hung and finishing touches.


Here is the reveal of my NEW master bedroom tierneycreates studio:

I really like the table placed in the alcove (where I used to do yoga) with the windows on three sides. During the day it gets a lot of natural light to craft by and I have a nice view of a wooded area.

As far as our “new” small master bedroom, everything is going well so far. All our furniture fit and it feels rather cozy.

I cannot wait to get back to working on projects in my new big studio space!

41 thoughts on “A “New” Studio”

  1. Great idea! We did something similar in our previous house so we could use the largest bedroom as a sewing/guest bedroom which would not have worked in the somewhat smaller room we used as our own bedroom. Enjoy your new space! It looks like you have a nice and large design wall now.

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  2. I love the table
    Bear the windows too!
    And the cozy sleeping area is what counts – why wastes space?
    This sounds like a great idea to change things up!

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  3. What a wonderful space you have made, I’m a little envious! I might have to follow your lead and do a studio/closet tour. I desperately need to organise my space better.

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  4. Oh WOW. I immediately noticed that your sewing machines are surrounded by windows. It must be wonderful to have all that light and an added bonus that there is a pleasant view. Here’s to many happy hours of stitching in this spacious new studio.
    It must have been quite a feat to move all that fabric. Ha!

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