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What’s On The Design Wall: Over 50% Done!

Here’s an update on the Tula Pink’s City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks I’ve been working on since February.

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So my update is that I’ve finished 52 blocks!

In my previous post at the end of April, “Sewing-Block” Resolved by Sewing a Block!, I had completed 40 blocks. Recently I completed 12 more blocks:

I discovered while working on these 12 blocks that my current system of organization for the fabric scrap collection selected for this quilt did not work. My system was a haphazard pile:

So I spent the time organizing all the scraps selected for this project into piles of color. Now that I have a bigger studio now (see my post A “New” Studio ), I can leave these piles out on the table in my studio until I complete the quilt:

It might still look like a hot mess to you, but for me I can now “shop” by color and pattern easier.

Plus by organizing these piles I got to refresh my memory of what I have to work with; and got some ideas on how to use some of the multicolored fabrics at the top of the photo in future blocks I’ll be making for this sampler quilt.

48 more to go!


I actually cut fabric for 15 blocks but I was only up to completing 12 blocks by last night (the deadline I gave myself so I could write this post):

But then this morning I had some renewed energy and completed the 3 additional blocks to bring my total to 15 completed since my previous post on this quilt:

So here are 55 blocks now completed! (Only 45 to go now…)

24 thoughts on “What’s On The Design Wall: Over 50% Done!”

  1. Oh, that’s marvelous, Tierney. Such an explosion of color and creativity. I don’t know if you’ve heard of a book by Annie Lamott called BIRD BY BIRD, but it’s the go-to book for many creative writers. Your “book” could be called BLOCK BY BLOCK.

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  2. Like Virginia Wolf’s ‘A Room of One’s Own’ us creatives need ‘Space to Create’. I’m thrilled your larger space allows you to leave stuff out to use. Setting up and tearing down (whether fabric sorting tables or music stuff or etc) drains us more than we care to admit. Lookin’ good!

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  3. Ah. I wondered why there were only 12 blocks in the first photograph. There’s nothing quite like waking up with a renewed spurt of energy and that eagerness to get back to your sewing machine. Those scraps are so so delicious!
    Congratulations on passing the half way mark of your Tula Pink quilt

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