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Scraphenge is Done and Hung

Here is a follow up on two posts about a freeform log cabin quilt I’ve been working on using Northcott’s Stonehenge fabric line scraps, that I named “Scraphenge”:

What’s On The Design Wall: Stonehenge Scrappy Freeform Log Cabin

What’s On the Design Wall: “Scraphenge”

Well Scraphenge is “done and hung“! I received it back from the longarm quilter last week (I used Missouri Star Quilting Company longarm quilting services).

I decided instead of a binding to put a “facing” on the quilt since I was going to hang it on the wall:

Instead of the cumbersome method I’ve used to put a facing on in the past, which I learned from an art quilting book, I searched YouTube to see if there was an easier method and voilà I found one:

And it worked perfectly! It was much easier than the previous method I was using!

So here is the quilt hung in the hallway next to the entryway to our home. I took a couple different photos as due to the stairways to upstairs and the basement it was challenging to photograph the quilt straight on:

Here is a close up of the quilting:

I love seeing the quilt as I descend the stairs from upstairs to the main floor:

The cool thing about this quilt is most of the quilt top is made from Stonehenge fabric scraps that friends have given me and some Stonehenge fabric scraps I had from a quilt I made. So the quilt top was primarily made from stuff that would have ended up in a landfill. I LOVE SCRAP QUILTS!

They are very happy recycling!

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  1. I’ve only done one facing so far, on a mini quilt and used the tutorial from cottonandbourbon, that worked well for me.
    What method do you use for hanging? Does the quilt hang just from those two clips or do you also add any support to the back of the quilt, like a rod in a sleeve or something?
    It sounds like your quilt ended up in a good spot if it makes you happy every time you pass it!

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    1. Ah, I was going to mention it in my post and forgot – the quilt has command tape in back in two places at the top (towards the middle) which is holding it in place in addition to the two quilt holder hooks at the end. The wooden quilt holder hooks are now very expensive, so I started using them more for show and then using the command strips. Here is a post someone had on how to do it:


      1. I’d never seen those! That would be very useful for some mini’s I recently made so I am going to see if they sell it here as well. Thank you for explaining! I did wonder how the quilt didn’t sag in the center with only two hooks holding it up!

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  2. It truly is even more special to have the salvage angle! That is so important
    Also – how long do you think this will hang where it is? Just curious if you leave it long term?

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  3. I love the scraphenge quilt!!! I love that it brings you joy when you pass it by going up and down the stairs. I want to thank you for posting the link on You tube for the facing technique!! I will give that a try on a future quilt for sure.

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