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What’s On the Design Wall: Not Losing Momentum

A quick follow up to the post MSQC Quilt Retreat Part I: What I Worked On.

At the quilt retreat I attended a couple weeks ago, I completed the first 20 blocks for the Tula Pink’s City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks quilt:

Well last weekend, I did not want to lose the momentum on working towards completing the 100 blocks for the sampler quilt, so I made 10 more blocks:

This time I didn’t make the pieces for each block into little packets like I did for the retreat:

But I did pre-cut several blocks at a time before taking the pieces for 3 – 4 blocks to my sewing machine to piece together.

I had so much fun listening to music and sewing the next 10 blocks in the series.

I mainly worked from a pile of coordinated scraps I bought years ago from the Stitchin’ Post quilt shop in Sisters, Oregon:

It is fun to just riffle through the pile, coordinating fabrics for each block.

I thought about getting 10 more done, but it seems 10 at a time is enough in one sitting!

Here are the 30 blocks I’ve pieced to date up on my design wall – only 70 more to go!

To close this post here is a sweet card I came across that I sent recently to a friend. Hope it gives you are smile like it gave me:

20 thoughts on “What’s On the Design Wall: Not Losing Momentum”

  1. I love how this is coming along. I am gathering fabrics now, scraps and newly purchased. One of my friends and I are going to put our scraps in a pile and start this quilt. Thanks for the inspiration ! And, this friendship card is the best I’ve seen.

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  2. love the blocks as well as the card

    the card reminds me of what someone who reads my blog said privately that I “was” a social butterfly before the Pandemic. I would go out for the day catching random public transport and usually end up with a random chat with a unknown person – from all walks of life, genders and age. This in relationship to me trying out for a space (at some later date) for the housing trust and having to be interactive more than I’ve been these last few years…since becoming almost a hermit

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      1. I too hated the locked in feeling…but now it’s almost normal. And I kind of forget, I could’ve gone out….thinking nearer to mid-day, “oh I should have gone, but okay there’s always tomorrow ”
        Today is gloomy and very wet, thunder as well and got the lights on (still after 8am) a good day to be the hermit!

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  3. HAHA! I love that you’re mostly making this from scraps you BOUGHT AS SCRAPS! Equally guilty here–have more scraps than I know what to do with but still buy scrap bags when I like them 😀

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