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“Sewing-Block” Resolved by Sewing a Block!

My sewing “mojo” was hiding somewhere for a while and I had little desire to sew. I had a “sewing-block“. Turns out the best way to resolve it was to sew a block!

I’ve been distracted from time in my sewing studio by some recent travel, visits from out of town friends, and a couple challenging recent life events. A couple days ago I knew I needed to get my back to sewing (as there is just so much fun stuff to be made) and decided returning to working on my Tula Pink City Sampler (100 Modern Quilt Blocks) would be a good place to start.

I love this book!

So I made block number 31 (I’ve already made blocks 1 – 30, see post What’s On the Design Wall: Not Losing Momentum):

got the ball rolling…

Once you get started up sewing again, things get rolling, and I was able to make also blocks 32 – 40 over the next several days (my sewing was “un-blocked”!):

10 block recently completed

Today while taking photos for this post, I discovered I did not like the gray “frame” in one of the blocks (too overpowering):

see block with red arrow

So I redid it this morning with a red “frame”:

New block frame

Now I have 40 blocks out of 100 now complete!

Only 60 more to go (oh my…)

Not sure why my photos came out so dark from my design wall, I guess it was the lighting in my sewing studio this morning.

I am enjoying working from my piles of scraps selected for the 100 block sampler, and I’ve decided to just keep the piles out until I finish all 100 blocks.

I’ve been making a bunch of small scraps while cutting the fabrics for the 6.5 inch by 6.5 inch blocks and I plan to stuff pincushions like I did in this post – Stuffing it the Eco-conscious Way!

I plan to continue working on the blocks for the sampler and maybe whipping out a pincushion or two between sets of blocks if my tiny pile of scraps gets larger than my little basket for tiny scraps.

32 thoughts on ““Sewing-Block” Resolved by Sewing a Block!”

  1. Even the “Artists Way” author JC would agree that all the self-help books on creativity boil down to just ‘doing it’. HA!
    I, too, am unblocking by making blocks (of the quilty kind alongside the blocks of time spent working on music stuff)
    The gray border change-out? Good call – even if Jack-the-Ripper had to be called into working his devilry.
    Enjoy your weekend, Tierney.

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  2. I love how your sampler is turning out! And, your scrap table is a dream shop!
    I am going Willy Nilly with the fabric colors and designs on my city sampler. It’s a toss up on how it will turn out., but I am enjoying the process. At first, I was out off by the tiny pieces. Now, I am having fun with it.

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  3. Ooh, I love that newest block! I really like the colors.

    I’m having an embroidery block at the moment. Not that I don’t want to do it, but I just can’t find the time or the eye straight to do it when I do have time. Ah well, hopefully after May, I’ll have a little more free time and a little less eye strain.

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  4. It can really be a challenge getting your mojo back – glad you got back into it 🙂 Your quilt blocks are just lovely – can’t wait to see your finished quilt! I could just look at your blocks all day. I love how there are a few motifs that are repeated but changed around between the blocks, like the cross/plus signs. And they way the colors work together. Love it!

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  5. Tierney, I admire your art of making these gorgeous quilts. The parts look fantastic. I especially like the turquoise in the center – it looks like a view of the sea and sky and is bordered by bushes. I’m sure this quilt will be the prettiest, when it´s finished. 👌💕
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany…

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  6. So glad you have refound your sewing mojo. The blocks you are making are so beautiful (and that new red border on the one block is perfect). Hope the sewing keeps you going past your current challenges.

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  7. Looks like you’re enjoying the Tula sampler, and using lots of scraps. Too bad those scraps multiply at night when you’re not watching, so there are always more and more and…

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