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And then there were 70…

Here is an update on the Tula Pink’s City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks I’ve been working on since February.

I now have 70 blocks done, 15 more blocks since my previous post What’s On The Design Wall: Over 50% Done! . So I am 70% done (well if you do not count sewing all the blocks together, making the backing, and putting on the binding after I have it professionally long-arm quilted, ha!).

I am getting some use out of the Ring Light I bought last year and figured out (sort of) how to use it photograph these blocks on my design wall late at night when I didn’t have any natural light available.

I continue to enjoy “shopping” for fabrics in my pile-o-fabric-scraps, now sorted by color, to make each block:

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I’ve been thinking about the layout of the final quilt top. There are many ideas in the back of the book – Tula Pink’s City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks, but I am thinking perhaps of a Dear Jane Quilt setting and looking at ideas such as those I found on this link – Dear Jane Quilt Inspiration. Another thought is just sewing all the blocks together without any type of sashing/setting. But I’ll revisit these ideas once I’ve finished all 100 blocks!

I am now cutting the next batch of 15 blocks and looking forward to getting to 85!

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  1. You are still inspiring me. I sometimes think I am going one way and an object catches my eye and off I go on a tangent. The Dear Jane is a wonderful option. As much as I thought I would do it… a Dear Jane Tribute Exchange class is as close as I came. We each made 10 repeats of 2 blocks and exchanged with the class. I still love that quilt. However you decide, the blocks and your fabric choices will make it shine.

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  2. You are always a source of inspiration. It is because of you that I made the 100 blocks. I had a head start before I went to the quilt retreat, and then completed the remaining blocks at home. I had thought of piecing without sashing, but went against my first gut instinct and added sashing. After completing a couple of rows with sashing, I realized I should have stuck with my first idea. I am disappointed in how it looks, so the rows are just hanging on the wall until I decide what to do. I love the the Dear Jane idea.

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    1. Darn, I guess we should usually follow our first instincts, I’ve done that to myself many times when I didn’t. Mary of Zippy Quilts mentioned one of the block settings for the 100 blocks she used was a doozy and that made be begin to think if I really wanted to set it in sashing. I think I will just let them be as they are even though they will only make a lap size quilt that way.


  3. Wow! It’s so cool to see how you put these together and all the work and creativity that goes into them. You always seem to choose just the right photo to explain everything. Well done!

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