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Seven Falls in B&W

This is just a quick follow up to Mike the Miniature Schnauzer’s guest blog post: Guest Blog Post: How to Completely Terrify Your Miniature Schnauzer.

What he didn’t share was that I took several cool (well I think they are cool) photos in B&W while we were on hike, as did my partner John. I thought I would share some of my favorites from this amazing hike (despite what Mike says in his post linked above!):

I guess the park had this sign to really discourage you from going off the trail:

I ALWAYS want to protect the privacy of snakes!

14 thoughts on “Seven Falls in B&W”

  1. Lovely images of this beautiful place
    And had to smile with the sign about snake privacy! I am
    All for that too
    When I used to give nature hikes (20 years ago this summer and fall- wow) we always reminded the hikers about staying in the trail because it crushes wildlife and could disrupt homes –
    You just never know what is living where – 😉

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