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Update on the Latest Granny Square Blanket

Howdy, this post is a follow up to the post What’s on the “Design Carpet”: Update on Granny Square Blanket.

I’ve completed crocheting a 100 granny square blocks! Here they are in piles based on yarn combinations:

You will notice I do not have an even distribution of color combinations. That is because the blanket is very “scrappy” as it is made from a collection of coordinating thrift store yarns. I had similar but not exact colors and varying amounts of each color.

After sorting piles it was time to do the daunting task of laying it out on the “design carpet” of my living room.

My eyes were crossing as I tried to find a way not to have the same (or similar) squares touch each other but after a while I gave up and said “good enough” and settled on the layout above.

Mike the Miniature Schnauzer tried to distract me while I was sorting and laying out the squares, with his cuteness:

So I decided it was time for him to try on a granny square hat:

I am going to join the granny squares with brown yarn to make a lattice between the squares and then finish off the blanket with a green border, and perhaps a rust border too. We’ll see how it evolves, but first I have to put on a YouTube video on how to join the granny square blocks again (I forgot what I did on my first granny square blanket – Attack of the Giant Granny Square Blanket).

But before I work on joining the squares, I had to organize them into the layout I decided in someway, as I could not just leave them out on the “design carpet”.

So I figured out putting them in piles, with the top of the pile being the first square on the left for each row; and then numbering the rows. Here are the piles laid out:

As you can see in the images above, I ran a piece of yarn through each pile, so they did not get separated/out of order if a pile accidentally got knocked over.

I’ve been traveling a lot lately with my partner John going on his business trips with him and since I actually finished these 100 blocks a couple weeks ago now (so behind on blogging) and I can’t take all of them with me when traveling to start joining them into a blanket, I’ve started another granny square block series to work on while traveling!

I seem to be a little obsessed with making granny squares, they are the perfect portable travel project!

29 thoughts on “Update on the Latest Granny Square Blanket”

  1. I love your layout!!! I am just like you…always have to have a project…even when away from home. I am going on a three week vacation and am worried I won’t have enough supplies to last three weeks. Then I would be forced to relax lol.

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  2. It’s going to be another stunning Afghan. Your quilting experience of keeping blocks in order before joining them shows! And did you notice that the colours in the granny squares blend beautifully with the patterned carpet in your living room!?

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    1. Thanks so much! As far as the carpet, I think I was subliminally influenced! One of the combinations I did exactly matches the carpet. I kept feeling like there was something very familiar about the combination and then I looked down while crocheting in the living room! I guess the blanket will coordinate nicely when done 🙂


  3. Cute combinations there. I am also currently obsessed with granny square making right now. I recently completed a blanket, still to blog about, been busy! I also have one and a half complimentary cushion covers. I am now wondering just how much more granny square items my husband will tolerate in the home. (He shrugs, patiently, looks around at the knitted cushion cover across the room and rolls his eyes at the pile of fabric which will one day become a completed quilt. We are moving house soon, he has silently walked past all the boxes labelled ‘craft room’. ……)


  4. You’re right about granny squares being the perfect ‘pick up and put down’ whenever and wherever project. I learned to crochet after the birth of my first child from another new mom across the courtyard in our quadplex unit back in the day. I persevered with the learning because of that attribute…and it ended up being the only ‘craft’ I was able to do in those early days of childrearing so I am forever grateful for her teaching me! Granny squares are the best IMHO!

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  5. Tierney, my Nana would applaud the thriftiness of this granny square afghan. She never threw out any of the yarns left over from the blankets she crocheted then gave away. Eventually she’d amass enough scraps to make a blanket for herself. I’m eager to see the final product.

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