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Making a “Mark”

Last Friday I went over my friend Michele’s house for an afternoon of crafting. She got me and herself a kit of “Diamond Painting” bookmarks and we worked on making our first diamond painting bookmark.

The kit has 4 bookmarks, one representing each season (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn):

At first it was confusing to us on how to do the diamond painting and how it worked (no directions) but we figured it out. We decided since it was currently Autumn to work on the Autumn (the purple/pink one) bookmark.

Here are some photos:

Because of the tiny little beads you work with, we put plastic wrap on our work area to try and capture stray beads.

At time is was tedious to do diamond painting but it was fun to see the progress and of course fun to hang out with a friend.

Michele actually finished her bookmark and here is the lovely finished Autumn bookmark:

36 thoughts on “Making a “Mark””

  1. I found it very meditative doing a large one where there was a lot of space to fill with the same colour but ended up with a very stiff neck from all the looking down so decided not to make it a regular thing ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I have signed up for a jewelry class involving beads and I’m really looking forward to it because I love the colors of those beads! When I got my supplies my husband put the beads in separate jars for me and he put a towel under the area where he was working. It caught the beads, they did not roll. Anyway. Crossing fingers I like it because the bead colors have totally caught my imagination.

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  2. That was fun to do together, T! I’m not sure I’d do more than 4 seasons, but I can handle one a season. They’re pretty! Still have not tried it regularly on a real book (reading eBooks at the moment). They may be too thick.

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  3. Venturing into a new type of crafting is always fun when done with friends. I like the project you selected. My youngest got into diamond art. It reminds me a lot of counted cross stitch. Now we just need to come up with a creative way to display her projects. Bookmarks are much more practical than a large canvas.

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  4. what a fun idea – and no pressure to just “keep on keeping” doing it.

    I saw one of those kits last Christmas when a friend of mine in another city got one then….it’s was quite a large format, not a bookmark. She had a lot of trouble to start with and said it took up a lot of time, but it was summer holidays so it didn’t matter…

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