Cute and Curious Kitty Quilt Trunk Show

Hey there, now it’s Tierney of tierneycreates writing a post, instead of the Beastie in the previous three posts about our recent trip to Fayetteville, AR to help a friend unpack and organize her studio – Guest Blog Post: The Fayetteville Friend’s Studio Project, Part I, Guest Blog Post: The Fayetteville Friend’s Studio Project, Part II, and Guest Blog Post: The Fayetteville Friend’s Studio Project, Part III.

The tierneycreates Beastie has already, in those posts, introduced you to J’s cat Oscar, quite the adorable kitty. Oscar wanted to be part of everything we were doing with unpacking and organizing J’s studio. He also wanted to be part of when J was trying to do a “quilt trunk show” for MJ and I.

J is a quilter but also does many other creative crafts. She is also a former architect and professional photographer. She is infused with creativity and I am fairly sure she got some of her creativity from her Mom who was a prolific quilter.

Here is J’s favorite quilt of her Mom’s which hangs in one of her guest bedrooms:

One evening J treated us to a trunk show of a collection of her late mother’s quilts and Oscar was all about being part of the show!

The quilts were wonderful but I was definitely distracted by Oscar’s mischievous cuteness!

J gifted me one of her mother’s quilts and I plan to hang it in my basement guest bedroom which has a nautical/beach theme (don’t laugh at me – I know I live in Colorado a “land locked” state, ha!):

What an amazing gift!

26 thoughts on “Cute and Curious Kitty Quilt Trunk Show”

  1. Those are some seriously beautiful quilts! And Oscar is just adorable 🙂 I would definitely have stolen him! And you are getting a beautiful quilt! I love nautical themed rooms too, no matter where I am living. It makes a little more sense here in Anchorage, but I had one in PA as well 🙂

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  2. What beautiful works of art. Oscar looks like he’s saying, “A quilt can only be fully appreciated when accompanied by a kitty face.” Each time I visit my parents, my mom and I work through yet another room or closet. On my last visit, Mom decided to go through one of their cedar chests. I guess you could call it a trunk show as it was filled with quilts from my Nana’s house. Many I remembered her making or recognized from her guest beds, others we had to call my Dad in to verify the origin. The best part is that they smelled of my Nana’s house (cedar & moth balls).

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  3. Oscar is the PA and needs to check that all the quilts “came” with him to his new house…

    My friend A has a PA – every time she wants to photograph her work at home, Molly is on hand for filling that white space that you get when you are photographing something wide view…

    A little like you T when Beastie and Mikelet want to be part of your life

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