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Guest Blog Post: The Fayetteville Friend’s Studio Project, Part II

tierneycreates Beastie here with Part II of the saga of our friend’s studio project (Part I on post Guest Blog Post: The Fayetteville Friend’s Studio Project, Part I).

Here I am in my observation tissue box taking notes for this blog post:

So after a day of unpacking boxes, J’s studio looked like this:

It might not look like it, but we were making great progress! Especially when we got the closet organized and set up for J’s WIPs (works in progress) to be stored out of the way (plus she could see all the projects she has to get done by the end of the year – ha, ha!):

Unpacking all those boxes we made a bit of mess between the boxes themselves (which we broke down) and the wrapping papers.

But we had a curious kitty Oscar who was fascinated with all our unpacking activities, especially the wrapping paper:

Oscar even tried to help us break down some of the boxes:

I’ll admit Oscar was cute, but I am not too sure of my comfort level around Oscar. When I tried to take my dog Mikelet for a walk around J’s backyard, Oscar came a little to close for comfort:

Tierney had to intervene and move Mikelet and me to another area as we weren’t sure if Oscar would think I was a cat toy!

After a long day of unpacking, J who is an accomplished pianist, treated us to an impromptu concert on her beautiful Estonia piano (which Tierney thought also looked beautiful in B&W):

Wow all those symbols on the page look complicated, not sure how J understood them all!

Well more progress to come in Part III of this series of posts…

16 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: The Fayetteville Friend’s Studio Project, Part II”

  1. Teirneycreates Beastie, looks like you had the perfect vantage point for giving tips. Cats do have a way of making every “messy” project more entertaining. They are always on the lookout for that species of invisible mice that only exist in cats’ minds and crafting boxes. It was probably good you didn’t spray any “eau de catnip” perfume on as Oscar may have found you simply irresistible. The snippet of music was a simply lovely way to end your guest post.

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  2. Thanks for sharing more of your Fayetteville adventures, tierneycreates Beastie! Wow – you all made so much progress in one day! Tierney is truly an amazing friend – that looks like a lot of work, but what a huge difference in the craft room 🙂

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  3. Before Oscar spread all the paper around, I noticed that we could see the flooring – going well everyone…
    I’ve got part 3, ready to read – here’s hoping it’s all “in place” by then….

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