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Another Knitted Hat and “HatMan”

If you’d followed my blog for a while you know I keep making the same hat over and over again (but in different yarns).

The pattern is called Rolled Brim Hat and it is very comforting to me to knit it (and I think I could knit it in my sleep). No matter how much I try to convince myself to expand my skills and try and more complex pattern (or just any other hat pattern), I keep returning to this pattern and I’ve customized it to fit my head how I like the hat to drape.

And this hat is great to work on during travel (as I can mindlessly make it), I worked on one during our trip to Ireland in October as well as on various other trips.

I’ve made the hat in numerous colors – for me and for gifts for family and friends, however one of my favorite yarn colors of hat was gray. The yarn was an acrylic/wool blend (Lions Brand Yarn).

Here I am a couple years ago wearing one of my favorite Tierney-knitted hats and tormenting Mike the Miniature Schnauzer to selfies:

Last year my friend Blair really needed a winter hat and he has an usual shaped head for hats. He and his wife were having trouble finding him the right hat. We were out to dinner with them one evening and I let him try on my gray hat and it worked perfectly for him. So I gave him my beloved gray hat.

I thought I would be okay as I have a lot of other hats but I kept missing that hat.

Summer 2022 I found a skein in the back of my yarn stash of the same gray acrylic/wool blend yarn I used for my first gray hat and decided I need to just make myself a hat to replace the one I gave up.

The other day I finished my replacement gray hat!

I am very pleased. It might look boring to you but it makes me very happy!

But here is the real reason for this post – I wanted an excuse to share with you all – HATMAN (no relation to Batman, ha!).

While we were stuck in Washington DC (see post A Christmas and a New Years Miracle? (Part II) ) I worked on this hat and at one point I wanted to make sure it was long enough before I began the process of decreasing my stitches to the crown/top of hat to complete it.

My partner John agreed to let me test it out on him (which the knitting needles attached) and he got quite silly with it and became HATMAN.

I am not sure if he plans to fight crimes and serve justice while wearing it (and will those knitting needles give him super powers?!?!). We had quite the laugh, especially when John added in his sunglasses!

Closing this post with a little history on this hat: I first knitted the Rolled Brim Hat in 2011 and I shared photos from 2011 of my first knitted hat in this post from February 2021 – My First Knitted Hat.

Here I am in 2011, braces and all (oooh less wrinkles 11+ years ago!) with the first version of this hat (which I made too small for my head):

21 thoughts on “Another Knitted Hat and “HatMan””

  1. I used to knit a hat – over and over again – my partner at the time loved that style and of course the different colours I used. One time he went to the store to buy something, he took his hat off and then when he realised it wasn’t on his head, he went back – NO ONE had handed it in! He was distraught – and when he came to see if I had another, I’d by then lost the pattern and my mojo for that style. I made him a different one, ap[apparently that wasn’t any good! And by then he wasn’t my “partner”…. good bye!

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  2. What a heart-warming (head-warming) gesture to give your favourite hat to a friend who needed it. Thank you for this lovely post. Chuckled to see John as a head dummy and enjoyed the pic of you in the red hat. Keep knitting!

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