Cat Approved Quilt

Recently I blogged about “baby approved” (well multiple kids in one family used the same quilt, so perhaps I should say “parent approved”) quilt in the post A Reminder on Why I Make Quilts; and Mike the Miniature Schnauzer discussed a “(multiple) dog approved” quilt in the post Guest Blog Post: Dog Approved.

Well, just to be fair, it’s time to share a “CAT APPROVED” quilt!

A couple weeks ago I sent my stepson Z a quilt I made in 2016 from fabric scraps using a “log jam”/improvisational log cabin piecing technique. Recently he sent me photos his rescue kitty Morticia enjoying the quilt!

This quilt was in the 2016 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show:

I remember lingering around the quilt during the show, waiting to hear comments by attendees to the show (like a “quilt stalker”…I know it was pretty silly but I was so excited to have quilts hanging in the show).

This quilt has been sitting around in storage for a while and thought it would be happier if it was enjoyed in someone’s home (and by kitties is a bonus) instead of gathering dust.

Thanks to Z for sending me the photos!

27 thoughts on “Cat Approved Quilt”

  1. Hey, Tierney, I knew immediately that this article was going to show a cat on a quilt. I love the idea of you stalking those two white-haired women who were standing there admiring your quilt, and I love it even more that the quilt is now bringing joy to a discerning cat.

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  2. If a cat likes it, youโ€™ve done good work! Regarding the stalker thing, when my son was younger and we were attending a show where I had artwork Iโ€™d get him to lurk and pick up comments ( for as long as heโ€™d put up with it, anyway). Maybe some day I can get my granddaughter to do this???

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