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Guest Blog Post: Dog Approved

This is Mike the Miniature Schnauzer guest blog posting for my female human, Tierney.

Getting ready to write something brilliant…

I want to use this post to encourage the crafters following this blog whether they are making blankets or quilts, that whatever warm and cozy item they make, make sure it is “DOG APPROVED”.

Don’t just focus on human comfort, also focus on canine comfort!

Here is a recent example of a “dog approved” quilt, actually multiple dogs approved.

Earlier this week, Tierney’s longtime friend MJ had surgery to her arm. (MJ, Tierney and their mutual friend J call themselves the “Surgery Sisters” since over the past several months each of them have had surgery to some body part. I think this is a poor choice for a hobby but humans are going to do what they are going to do…)

Here is a photo MJ sent Tierney of her recently operated body part:

Ouch! That looks painful. I might even give her some sympathy for that (especially if it would impair her from petting me if she was visiting).

Well Tierney, having recently had surgery herself on her left ankle (which she broke while being careless on ice while walking me), thought she would send MJ a nice surprise to snuggle under during her recovery; so Tierney sent MJ a quilt that Tierney made many years ago and MJ always liked.

Well MJ received the quilt in the mail the other day and sent Tierney this photo, reporting that the quilt was DOG APPROVED!

I mean if a quilt or blanket is not DOG APPROVED, why even have it?!?!?

The quilt has a nice flannel backing and so it will be great for dogs to snuggle in. Unfortunately Tierney did not think to photograph the quilt before sending it out the door to MJ (duh!).

MJ is one of the humans I am able to tolerate.

When we lived in Central Oregon before moving to Colorado, MJ and her husband would let me stay with them at their home when my humans went out of town. She even forgave me after a certain “crotch biting incident” when Tierney first adopted me and I had (behavioral as the humans call it) “issues”. See the post Taking Chances: The Mike Hogan ChroniclesΒ (re-post) for Tierney’s side of the story of when she first got me from the dog rescue organization…

Well all I know is that I am awesome now and the humans are lucky to have me in their lives!

Okay that’s what I wanted to share in my guest blog post. I now need to return to managing humans. Here I am keeping my male human calm during a thrilling movie we are watching.

18 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: Dog Approved”

  1. Mike, I enjoyed reading your story in “Taking Chances.” So glad you were given that chance and are living your best Schnauzer life. In addition to your guest blogging services, you should offer Tierney your testing services for all her blankets allowing her to add a very special seal to them that reads “Mike Tested Dog Approved.”

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  2. Mike

    Humans are apt to do “silly things” – that’s the trouble of not have a balanced body that includes four legs/arms!

    But at least your human, knows how to make “dog approved quilts” that should be giving her a better standing in the world…

    Cheers Catherine

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