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From the Woodshop: Mighty Moe Creations

My husband John is a self-taught woodworker (so many YouTube videos watched) as many of you know. I’ve featured some of his projects on my blog post category: From the Woodshop.

Recently he decided to take on some commissions and make a little money on the side with his woodworking. We figured he needed a business name and we came up with Mighty Moe Creations, as his nickname is “Moe” (a childhood nickname adapted from his middle name which he used as his first name when he was younger).

He wanted to have a wood branding iron to burn/emboss his name on wood items he creates and so we created a logo for Mighty Moe Creations using Canva:

I am new to using Canva but I was proud of myself of being able to draft a logo which he and I finalized.

Earlier this week the branding iron he ordered came in the mail and he has been practicing branding scrap wood until he perfects his technique and is ready to brand pieces he makes.

We were pleased how crisp the image comes out from the branding iron compared to the original logo we created and sent to the company that makes wood branding irons!

John’s been busy working on his commission piece in his workshop, a large 3D looking custom serving tray similar to the one in this post – From the Woodshop: Tray for our Ottoman.

John’s studio/woodshop in our basement is a “hot mess” right now but he’s making progress on his commission:

I can’t wait to see the finished commission with his new logo branded onto it!

Oh and here is Mike the Miniature Schnauzer peeking into the woodshop (he is never allowed inside the shop as we are worried about wood splinters getting into his paws) to see what his humans are up to!

52 thoughts on “From the Woodshop: Mighty Moe Creations”

  1. Love it
    This is such an inspiring story! It’s great to see someone pursue their passion and turn it into a business. The logo looks fantastic and it’s exciting to see the branding iron in action. Can’t wait to see the finished commission!
    Great DIY Ideas

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  2. What a terrific logo, and a new business. I wish him much success! I’m amazed you could train the dog to stand and not enter the room. Must be a smart dog! Best of luck to both of you in your endeavors.

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  3. I wish we were closer… my BIL is a cabinet maker of 50 years’ experience and now in his early 80s he has decided to downscale radically, disposing of much of his custom equipment and tools. It would have been great to direct him to ‘Moe’ as a potential recipient. BIL would have loved that brand – he always placed a neat little brass embossed plate on all his pieces, a bit of an expense, but pretty and durable.

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    1. Oh they would have fun together! John is always looking for other woodworkers to connect with and that would have been awesome to pick up some additional tools! Right now has a small workshop in the basement but our dream someday is to move to a smaller house (one story with a basement) but with either a shop in the backyard or a large enough garage to remodel it to a shop (and be able to park one car).
      The brass plate sounds awesome and so elegant to put on a piece!


      1. The BIL has just packed up and dispersed his entire workshop, which ran the full width of the house’s basement. He’s keeping enough for small, undemanding projects but the big machines have gone, as have the tools he no longer has the fine motor skills to use accurately. I dread the day when my turn comes and I can’t use fine needles or see to thread my machines, or have the strength to push a quilt around…

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      1. Sadly, he has been downsizing enormously, since he’s now nearly 80, and he and my sister are in the process of moving house to a smaller property without a workshop (yet…). Also, we live in Australia, so the possibility of transferring any of his tools is prohibitive. I’ll ask if he has a list of what he had to forward to you, and perhaps some photos of some of his projects. He’s not very tech-savvy, so it may need me to scan in *actual* photos!

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  4. This is interesting. I have a couple of pieces of pottery by Byron Temple, who used a Japanese chop to mark his work, but I don’t recall ever seeing woodworked pieces branded. The “famous maker” furniture I have is signed on the bottom, by hand, sometimes off-center! Now I wonder if my own personal woodworker needs a brand! I think it would be fun!

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  5. Looks amazing and go you both

    I often have a “hot mess” in which every part of my home, I’m crafting in. Occasionally I tidy up and put away something that I’m not using – but that never lasts long.

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