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A Year of Finishes: 32nd to 35th Finish

I continue to shamelessly count each completed Project Drawstring Bag as a finish on my unfinished projects (that I started prior to 2023) for my project A Year of Finishes โ€“ 2023 (if you are really bored, click on that link to see all blog posts related to this project…zzz).

After finishing the Colour Wheel Quilt (see post The Colour Wheel Quilt is Done) I was planning to start an improvisational art quilt project (preparing for the 6-day workshop I am teaching next year, more to come on that someday) but was not “feeling it” yet.

So I thought I would assign myself the goal of “making something each day” to keep my creating vibe going (even if it’s just one quilt block) and decided to continue making the drawstring/project bags which I will someday list on my Textiles & Smiles Etsy shop (when I reopen it again).

I made 4 more bags. They were quick to put together as I’d always cut out all the fabric and interfacing, as well as did the fusing, etc. several months ago.

I am getting a kick out of the fun fabric combinations.

Here are two for the bird/bird house aficionado:

I was practicing taking photos for the eventually Etsy listings so I have a lot of photos of these bags (and likely more than I needed to share on this post, ha!)

And for the person who likes a little woodland whimsy, here are another set of drawstring/project bags:

I love the lining in these two bags!

So there you go – 4 more finishes of unfinished projects I started prior to 2023 (I like to make very small accomplishments sounds very exciting, ha)!

32 thoughts on “A Year of Finishes: 32nd to 35th Finish”

  1. They are fab bags! I recently saw some landscape drawstring ones and thought theyโ€™d make good project bags rather than the portrait shape they usually are. I even enquired about having some made up for our dog rescue shop. I may have to work on it.

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