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New “Photo Box” and 36th to 38th Finish in A Year of Finishes

John recently built a “photo box” (not sure what to call it) for photography my items for my Etsy shop (TextilesandSmiles) and for photographing items for his Etsy shop (to be opened someday and hopefully called MightyMoeCreations). He designed it so it could be easily assembled and dissembled for storage.

I finished 3 more drawstring/project bags as part of my A Year of Finishes – 2023  project.

The fabric is from my trip to the  Missouri Star Quilt Company (MSQC) for a quilting retreat in early 2022. It is their custom fabric which is designed to look like traditional quilt blocks in a quilt. If you’d like to see the posts from my MSQC Retreat adventure here is the link to those 6 posts – Missouri Star Quilt Retreat.

32 thoughts on “New “Photo Box” and 36th to 38th Finish in A Year of Finishes”

  1. Photo booth? Whatever you call it, the set up is perfect, and I imagine it’s also possible to slide in sheets of coloured background if that’s what you want. Gorgeous bags, and until I read up to that point, I was thinking how much the fabric looked like the Missouri Star logo. Mission definitely accomplished there, I think.

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  2. Beautiful bags! John is so handy, I bought a photo box and and wish I hadn’t. It is completely enclosed and I didn’t like the lighting. John’s is perfect. I’m no expert Tierney but think about elevating the bags at different levels for a different perspective. They look so beautiful and I love all that color! 💕

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