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From the Archives: Update on “A Chicken Named Tierney”

Recently I was looking for a different old post and came across this post from July 2017 that made me smile and thought it would be fun to repost! It is from my wonderful life in Central Oregon before I moved in April 2019 to the Denver Metro area after my husband suddenly passed in December 2018. Four years later there are days when I miss terribly my awesome old life in Central Oregon but the past is gone and I can only appreciate my new life and look forward to the future…

(I laughed when I reread after all these years that the chicken my friend named “Tierney” is the friendliest of the group, runs to greet you, and likes to snuggle!)

Update on “A Chicken Named Tierney”

July 15, 2017

Several months ago I posted that a friend of mine named her baby hen chicks after her close female friends. This is an update to that post – A Chicken Named “Tierney”.

A month or so ago I took photos of teenage “Tierney the Chicken” and her brand new chicken coop; and recently I took photos of young adult “Tierney the Chicken”.

The Teen Years Weeks

Here is the deluxe coop she and her hen sisters live in. It has an inside section and a sunroom:

Chicken Cooping in style

Here is teenage “Tierney the Chicken” and her sister “Gabrielle the Chicken”:

Here is “Tierney” and the other teenage hens getting a snack:


My friend Marla, mother to all the young hens, has a photo in her house of what “Tierney the Chicken” will look like when she grows up and becomes an adult Dominique chicken:


Young Adult “Tierney the Chicken”

“Tierney” is now a young adult and getting closer to her egg laying days. No eggs yet but my friend Marla thinks in the upcoming weeks she and her sister hens will lay their first eggs.

Here is a current photo of “Tierney” and her sister “Gabrielle” (and some other chicken “photo bombing” the shot, ha!):


My friend Marla reports that “Tierney” is the friendliest of all the chickens. She runs towards you first when you come into the coop and she likes to snuggle:

Chicken Cuddles

Truthfully I’ve never cared about chickens beyond enjoying the eggs they lay or an occasionally tasty chicken dinner. This is the first time I have ever seen a chicken snuggle! (Is it my fate to eventually become vegan now that I suspect most farm animals will snuggle?)

Maybe it is slightly weird my friend named one of her hens after me (and her other close female friends) but how many people get to say they have a chicken with their namesake!??!

I will close this post with a photo of the cool wind vane inside Marla’s backyard:


12 thoughts on “From the Archives: Update on “A Chicken Named Tierney””

  1. So much fun! I have friends in Wyoming, Missouri and Tennessee who all raise chickens. One of them, I forget which because I only see the TN ones, has that same black and white breed.

    I didn’t know you in 2018, and didn’t know about your husband. We share that loss, in that mine died in spring 2010, and we share the missing, too. I long ago gave up thinking that will pass. There’s still the future, though. Moving on from that life isn’t moving on from him.

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      1. I did, too. I kept thinking if I could just get to the end of the first year, everything would be okay. But, of course, it wasn’t. I finally realized it never would be until we are back together again. It’s a part of us now. =)

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  2. My hens have names: Elizabeth, Ruth, Blanche, Peachie and Lacey. Not after friends, but some of them after strong females. It’s hard to differentiate with Isa Browns, they’re all rusty red, but shades and markings help. They have distinct personalities and whilst none of my Girls is exactly cuddly, they are definitely friendly – and strongly food-motivated. I find it entirely understandable to become attached!

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  3. Very cool! I loved reading about Chicken Tierney and hope there are many more updates 🙂 I think raising chickens would be cool, but also that it would be much more work than I would be interested in doing on a day-to-day basis.


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