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Castle Rock Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival

Thursday John and I went to the Castle Rock Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival in Castle Rock, Colorado.

The show runs from May 25 – 27 and is being held at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in this building:

We got there a little bit before the show opened at 10 am to see a bunch of show attendees/crafters waiting in line to get in.

We learned these were people without advanced tickets. Luckily we had advanced tickets and were able to get into the shop as soon as it was 10 am. It was empty at first inside…

But then it got really busy!

Here are some images of some of the vendor booths as well as a couple quilts they had on display that I liked:

And here is a quilt top that John really liked (he is a golfer) but I have too much a backlog of projects at this time to make it for him!

Perhaps someday! The booth was very busy and we could not find the panel to buy and put away for a later time. I’ll have to find it online or perhaps come across it at a quilt shop someday.

I didn’t buy anything at the show, I couldn’t find anything I really needed but I did enjoy wandering around. It was not as good a quilting/craft show as the one I attended in July 2021 – the Denver Quilt Craft and Sewing Festival (the tierneycreates Beastie did a blog post about it – Guest Blogger: Denver Quilt Craft and Sewing Festival). The Castle Rock one was much smaller.

But I appreciate going to local sewing and crafting festival!

18 thoughts on “Castle Rock Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival”

  1. Everytime I see a quilt show and the quilts – I realise it’s a craft that never stops giving you more ideas than you needed – and the fabric manufacturers aren’t afraid of making more material available 🙂

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