California State Railroad Museum and Some More Lab Love

Back in November 2021, John and I visited our friends who live outside of Sacramento, California. I have a couple post from that visit – Loved (or mugged) by a Lab and Exploring My Inner Ansel Adams (Lake Tahoe). Here is more on that visit.


I love trains! When I was a kid we had an awesome old train set, courtesy of my paternal grandfather, that my parents would put around the Christmas tree each year. For a while I collected model trains and I’ve always loved riding on trains whether short distance or longer distances (for example see post – Train Ride to Glenwood Springs, CO and More – Part IV).

So I was over the moon when our friends set up a trip to the California State Railroad Museum. I am not sure how long we spent in the museum (time ceased to exist while I was in there) but I remember them telling me: “Tierney we have to go now, we have other things to do…”

I took SO MANY PHOTOS of course, but alas it was quite dark in the museum so the photos are not my best. We began our time in the museum with a tour from a retired railroad man (the museum was staff with retired railroad people, likely volunteers) and then each wandered off on our own because there was so much to see.

Here is a sampling of some of the zillion photos I took:

Upstairs there was an amazing display of toy trains (oh my heart) – a family had donated their father’s extensive toy train collection, it was mind blowing!

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know I like to pretend I am a real photographer and take photos in B&W. Here are a couple of the B&W photos I took inside the museum:

Of course none of my photos do justice on how awesome the museum is to visit in person!


It was great to visit our friends and one of the best part of the visit was to spend time with my “dog goddaughter” Riley, the chocolate lab supreme!

Here is Riley and I in April 2019 when I first met her and we fell in love (they had just adopted her):

Riley and her Godmother 🙂

And here she is in November 2021 in all her grown up cuteness:

In case you need a smile, see above 🙂